Welcome to my classroom web page. 

Folder and notebooks are color coded. We also try to copy papers to match these subjects. This will continue into 7th grade.
Blue is for Social Studies
Yellow is for vocabulary and grammar (Language Arts)
Purple is for reading (Language Arts)
Red is for Math
Green is for Science

If you already use Google Chrome at home, students will need to add an account. The biggest mistake students make when having difficulty logging in is remembering to use @jalsd.org after their graduation year. Google needs the whole email address and then the password used to log into Chromebooks.
If no one is logged into Google, there is a sign-in button in the upper right hand corner on the Google search page.

If you don't use Google Chrome at home, here is a link for your student to use to log into their account:

This one will allow you to download the web browser:

Students may wish to log in to their Classroom account.  Follow this link:

This link is to Florida's Air practice tests.  It is a great tool for practicing for our state assessments coming soon!