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Who are we?

Jake Brake Alley Kinksters is a Real time  alternative lifestyle  Kink venue open to  those who wish to  express themselves with out judgement. Our dream was to  create a  venue where  people could come be free of judgement and have fun growing, playing and learning  in the world of kink. We Did !!!!  Jake brake alley  kinksters  is  proud of  our venue and  invites  everyone to come out and  get  to know us at  either one of our socials,  night-in's,  discussion groups, or parties!


Padrona Fatale    
                Fatale  is  our  head Mistress  of the Jake Brake alley Kinksters. Although the youngest of the Leadership she has 7 years in the lifestyle, including time  spent as a 24/7 slave in a Poly household. She loves to  teach  and  primarily  educates on  dynamic in's and outs and  BDSM basics  as well as CBT.  Fatale  identifies as  a Switch in the lifestyle, so it is just as  easy  to see her getting  flogged as it is  to see her  holding the flogger. Shes our  tiny  little leader.   See Fatale  for general information on JBA and Light-Switch our  switch focus group.  

sweetLittleMe is  the Cuddle  coordinator, and  chief  chef  JBA and  the  leader of  the  sub shop ( the  submissive  discussion and  enrichment  group). SweetLittleMe identifies as a  Brat  and  livens up the  group with her  great  food  ideas that  are  allergen  mindful and  still healthy  choices for  the  groups optimal consumption. See sweetLittleMe  for information about  sub shop and any  dietary needs you have so we can  find ways to accommodate.                                         


Vitalis is  The Medical Care coordinator of the Jake Brake Alley  Kinksters. While the Newest member   to  the lifestyle, His  professional background  in the medical field  keeps us all very safe. Vitalis identifies as a Daddy Dom, MIT. Vitalis is known for his  exceptional  aftercare, and  play safety. If  ever in doubt ask Vitalis about  our Safety protocols. 


Edge is  the Jake brake alley Chief engineer, and  the  Kinky  Toy Maker. You can always see his  work in any of the Leaderships  toy bag and  at a JBA raffle during  parties. Edge  is  the Leader of  the   D-ring ( the  Dom discussion and  enrichment group). Edge is the  top sadist  of the  group and  can provide  great  council and  mentoring  when  it comes to the  fun of  strike. See Edge  for  our  shop orders,  and D-ring  ideas.