Welcome Home Sixth Graders!!!

For the fastest response to questions/concerns, please direct your student to utilize the email addresses listed below.
 RJ Everett                     rjeverett@jajags.com                  *Mr. Everett teaches all science sections. 

Elizabeth Hall               ehall@jajags.com                        *Ms. Hall teaches all English sections.

Carrie Mott                    cmott@jajags.com                       *Mrs. Mott teaches all mathematics sections.  
 Becky Welch                 bwelch@jajags.com                      *Mrs. Welch teaches all history sections.  

Motivating Quotes- My 7th grade History teacher always used the saying: Excuses are tools of incompetence, that lead to monuments of nothingness. And those who specialize in using them, never make anything of themselves.#Quotes