Jeffco Public Schools Facilities

As a charter school, we are directly responsible for our own facilities, including maintenance, remodeling, expansion, etc.  However, you are still welcome to learn about Jeffco Public Schools facilities and operations Facilities Master Plan as presented to the Jeffco Board of Education. 

The plan aims to efficiently maximize utilization of existing facilities, strategize for growth areas, and to make investments that support students with facilities that meet current and future needs.  The draft plan will now be presented at several public meetings.  After public input, the plan will be revised as appropriate, and then return to the Board for discussion in mid-June.  If the plan is accepted, changes would likely phase in over a six year period starting in the fall of 2017, depending on funding. 

It is important to note that this is just the beginning of a process to identify community support for new and renovated schools as well as changes to school boundaries and grade configurations.  No schools will experience any changes to their staffing or structures for the upcoming school year.  Please visit the Facilities Master Plan web-site for additional and updated information @ and plan on attending one of the 12 community meetings in the next eight weeks.  (see below)

The plan, if fully implemented, can greatly enhance the efficient use of general fund dollars to significantly improve student learning and teaching conditions.

Jessica Jone,
May 9, 2016, 5:06 PM