Air Pollution

Air Pollution in Goa on 1st December 2009

I read one article about plastic bottles and it's effect on human beings. These web sites are

Datta News on Pollution

I shall add soon data available with me on Effluent Treatment Plant

Design calculations for Brewery and Distilleries

 I shall write here name of the companies, whom I have visited and I am convinced that Industry or consultants are fare and possess technical knowledge.
For surface aerator you may contact 

         mailing address
         Mobile Number    9825008442 / 9898548201

2.0   IAEC Industries Madras Ltd

3.0  Waste Water Technologies, Grindwell Norton Ltd
  E mail
   Telephone No.    080-8471731 / 2 / 3 / 4 /5 / 7     8472358

4.0  Schumacher Umwelt - und trenntechnik
    A Kraftanlagen Heidelberg Company

5.0  Philadelphia Mixers or Surface aerators

Effluent Treatment Plant   ( )   
 For Tube Settling System, Flow Control etc

Comparison of Surface Aerator V/S Diffused Aeration System 
I have tried to analyze performance of Surface Aerator and Diffused Aeration System
1.0 Diffuser spacing measured as sqft / diffuser is important
If it is 1.59 ( It is required to take care of Mixing ) and if it is 17.19 then it  creates dead zones.
Under Construction