Air Pollution

Comparison of Surface Aerator V/S Diffused Aeration System

I have tried to analyze performance of Surface Aerator and Diffused Aeration System

1.0 Diffuser spacing measured as sqft / diffuser is important

If it is 1.59 ( It is required to take care of Mixing ) and if it is 17.19 then it creates dead zones.

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Air Pollution in Goa on 1st December 2009

I read one article about plastic bottles and it's effect on human beings. These web sites are

Datta News on Pollution

I shall add soon data available with me on Effluent Treatment Plant

Design calculations for Brewery and Distilleries

Design Calculations by IIT Kanpur for Effluent treatment plant

Design Calculations by IIT of Surface aerator

Design Calculations by EDU site

Tube Settler for ETP

Water Treatment India ( )

I shall write here name of the companies, whom I have visited and I am convinced that Industry or consultants are fare and possess technical knowledge.

For surface aerator you may contact

1.0 Environ Engineers

mailing address

Mobile Number 9825008442 / 9898548201

2.0 IAEC Industries Madras Ltd

3.0 Waste Water Technologies, Grindwell Norton Ltd

E mail

Telephone No. 080-8471731 / 2 / 3 / 4 /5 / 7 8472358

4.0 Schumacher Umwelt - und trenntechnik

A Kraftanlagen Heidelberg Company

5.0 Philadelphia Mixers or Surface aerators

Effluent Treatment Plant ( )

For Tube Settling System, Flow Control etc