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Jaipal Datta

This job provided me an opportunity to travel in India and abroad. I met many people of different nationalities. I worked in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh - different states in India. Due to work I traveled in Kashmir, Bhutan, and interiors of Himachal Pradesh. My work could help me to understand social norms and administration. In India we speak different languages. We practice different religions. We still live together. Some politicians create misunderstandings between different casts or religions, but still democracy unites us.

This knowledge and experience compelled me to think that capitalists can work with the people of different language or colour or religion. Politicians can not work together. War or genocide is due to individual greed of politicians who can impress one group of people to wage war against other group.

I am further convinced that if capitalists desire, we can create one planet without any boundaries of nations or religions. Language in any case is not so important. Although it is very important as tool of communication.

So I thought of studying Political Science and Political Economy. I may need some money to write my Doctor work. I started graduate diploma in Politics and International Relations 4 January 2017 and completed my graduation in arts on 15 July 2018. I got admission in masters of arts in the University of Auckland and Freie University (F-U) Berlin but due to some personal reasons could not start.

I am now studying Politics and International Relations in the University of Auckland. I have completed Graduate Diploma Course to do research on my topic i.e "How can we create one World without any national boundaries and religious limitations?"

I need 25000 NZD per annum for 5 years. I need money to study. Any small help is welcome.

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Method of Payment to me against services rendered i.e for Astrology

you pay to any needy man and take my name and I shall get the amount.

This is known as Law of Nature. You pay X amount to A. A shall pay to B. B shall pay to C and so on. In the last Z shall pay to A. So you get the amount you have paid to A. Although it looks that Z gave you an X amount. But you got what you have paid to A as per law of nature.

So if it is true for the Individual then it is true for a group of individuals i.e Society / Nation / Humanity.

You misbehave with some one and some one else shall misbehave with you. You kill some one. Some one else may kill you.

What ever you you shall sow, same you shall reap. Violence begets violence. Love creates love. Non Violence is the only method to achieve goal.

This is known as Law Of Nature.

You can pay me by pay pal or by bank transfer. On receipt of information I can inform bank account number or paypal account numbers.



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