Astrology is a scientific subject. Variation of one second of time of birth affects in some cases variation of Ascendant or Lagna in many charts indicating effects or behavior of human life. We rectify time of birth first with your past events. It is necessary to help you know more exactly your future. It is a science with law of probability as per statistical calculations. I am trying to learn and make simple rules without any if and but. Please help me to provide these details to help you more accurately and develop this science. I can rectify time of birth and place of birth with plus or minus 5 minutes. More variation of time takes pretty long time and is very costly for me, as I am also having limited time.

Please inform date, time and place of birth and past events to rectify time of birth like education ( Success or failures), accidents, Sickness , marital life ,status, personal happiness or parents, male or female. Two question on phone is free of cost. Some times I am free and I take job without any expectations. Writing costs time and so money. Best time IST 18:00 hrs to 19:30 hrs. Mobile +91-9218072618 / +91-1792-290194 / +91-9418247170

In case you want to help me then pay me any amount, as per your convenience, which you can spare to any needy man or to Hindu Temple or Gurudwara or Budhist temple or Mosque or Church and tell him to pay to Mr Jaipal Singh Datta , Kothi No.5, Mohan Meakin Ltd, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad , U.P., India. I assure you that I shall get the amount. This is law of Nature.

1.0 College of Astrology

We live in a society. We all are social human beings. I called them Bio Machines. Reason for my calling them Bio Machine or Bio Computer is due to the fact that we all are governed by planets. We do not act as per our wishes but we act as per directions of stars bzw. planets. We are in this universe and are made of 5 Tatwas like Water, Earth, Fire, Air and Space. I called these Tatwa Theory as Theory of life. We are made of Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Energy to unite all these elements. Atman or Soul is minute part of our body. Atman consists of one of million amino acids of DNA or RNA and store information on Carbon, or Hydrogen, or Oxygen. Nitrogen or protein acts like food for the development of bio creations. This food is provided by Mother by nature. So We call " Mother Power" like Durga or Kaali Mata or Black Goddess etc. etc Read the starting sites

1.0 Srimad Bhagwat Gita

I am social human being. I am married and living in a joint family. I do not limit my love to my family only. I love and respect all human beings or bio machines. I believe we all are related with each other either in this birth or in earlier birth. We carry information to our next life. So We love and hate others on the basis of past experiences or actions.

On the basis of the above facts I live in a society. So I love my first relations, second relations and third relations and so on. Love can not help us to live in peace. So good governance is required for village, district, state, nation, continent and World or humanity. So read start pages of

1.0 Mohyal World

2.0 Mohyal Sabha

Sex is gift given by Nature to create. We forgot lessons of Bhagwat Geeta. So my gratitude to all Sex Workers, who are in this profession not by wish but by compulsion or directions of planets.

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