Jaipal Singh Datta in New Zealand

70 Kaimoana Street

Weymouth, Manukao

Auckland 2103

Land Line +64-9-600-1462

Mobile +64-210-276-8400

Jaipal Singh Datta

My Permanent Address is in your heart. Just try to feel.

My E mail addresses are

1.0 jaipaldatta@live.in

2.0 jaipaldatta@hotmail.com

I am thankful to Microsoft, Google and Yahoo for these services. E mails are my permanent addresses. I believe that World belongs to me.

I am having "Sada Sanchar Yoga". This means "I can not stay at one place". I can not remain in one profession. I have to learn always. So any one who wants to contact me can write by Electronic mail or contact me at my one mobile number. As I am not rich, so I keep local number to save money on inward and outward calls. This means you have to try many mobile numbers. Land line numbers are now used for internet only.


My Mother told me that I am Jaipal Singh Datta. My father arranged food for me and gave money to study in Universities. Mother , Father, Relations and Society gave me love and affection. I met people who are rich or poor, wealthy or healthy, educated without qualifications and uneducated with degrees of graduation ( Doctors/ Engineers/ Lawers/ IAS / IPS etc). I traveled with or without money and discussed about life. So read about me as per nomenclature of existing cultural norms of the society.


I am consultant for Astrology in New Zealand. I enjoy my work.

In addition to this, I study horoscopes. I love Astrology. I am serving humanity by my knowledge. Some times I get remuneration against work done. Some times I do not get money. Money is not important to me. I know I shall get what it is written in my destiny. My desires are limited. I do not have any property or money in bank. God always send some human being to help me or pay my bills. Why? I do not know. It may be due to my planetary position at the time of birth. How to Pay me?

2.0 New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country. It's fresh air and beautiful nature attracts me to live and love nature. Great country. Country who takes care of citizens.

My addresss in New Zealand

Jaipal Singh Datta

70, Kaimoana Street

Weymouth, Manukao

Auckland 2103

Land Line +64 - 9- 600-1462

Mobile+64- 210 - 276 - 8400

3.0 My Family

My Family

4.0 U.S.A.

In USA I stay in New Jersey, Kentucky, Seattle, California. USA is just like India. It is big and land of immigrants. I always feel I am in India. People love each other. I feel at home.

5.0 Europe ( Germany )

Berlin is my home town, where Germans helped me and won my heart. Ich bedanke mich. Ich bin ein Berliner. I love Berlin. I stay with my daughter and friends who owns Indian restaurants and beer bars.

6.0 My Web Sites

College of Astrology

Bhagwat Geeta Web Site

Web Site for Life After Death (Garuda Puran)

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Change is the law of nature. Try to learn always. Only Energy is constant. We all change daily as new day starts with new sun rise.


Chartered Engineer Regn No. AM36589

Life Member of Indian Dairy Association

Regn No. PP/NZ/LM/208/UP

Life Member of Indian Science Congress of India Regn No. L627

Life Member of General Mohyal Sabha GMS-LM - 00 507

Member of Master Brewers Association of Americas

Regn No 105958

Bachelor of Science with physics, chemistry, mathematics in 1965 from D.A.V. College Muzaffar Nagar, Agra University, Uttar Pradesh, India

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Punjab Engineering College , Chandigarh, Punjab University. India 1965-69

Diplom Ingenieur in Lebensmittel Technologie vertiefungsfachrichtung Brauerei from Technical University West Berlin associated with VLB, Berlin, Germany. 1970 to 1974 in West Berlin. I stayed in 1Berlin 65 , Trift Strasse 67, Ernest Reuter Heim

Bachelor of Law first year from Delhi University in 1969-1970

Certificate Course of French Language from Punjab University year 1968-69

German Language from Max Muller Bhavan Pune April 1970 to July 1970

Study of Astrology from college of astrology.