In this chapter I shall add only data which may be useful for practical brewer for process understanding. This data may contain confidential material of brewing process of different breweries in India and abroad. So I am avoiding names of brewing industry. Brewers are requested to use this method after discussions with me to avoid any failure. Brewing process depends on quality of malt, water, milling, mashing, temperatures and time etc. So do not follow blindly. Additions are mentioned on the basis of gm / HL

1.0 Brewing Process Chemical

Brewery 1

1.0 Mash Kettle

Gypsum 12 gm / HL

Bio Gluconase 10 gm / HL

Sodium Chloride 5 gm / HL

2.0 Wort Kettle

Lactic Acid 5 ml / HL

Whirl Flock 5 gm / HL

3.0 Fermentation Tank

Bio Ferm 5 gm / HL

Yeast Food 4 gm / HL

4.0 Storage Vats

Papain 10 gm / HL

Chemofine / Biofine 5 gm / HL

Ascorbic Acid 5 gm / HL

5.0 Bright Beer Tank

Biofoam 5 gm / HL

Ascorbic Acid 5 gm / HL

6.0 Mashing Temperatures

7.0 Fermentation Temperatures

8.0 Lagering Temperatures

9.0 Filteration Tempeartures

10.0 Bright Beer Tank Temperatures