Jaipal Singh Datta

We all are bio machines. We are acting as per the directions of planets and stars. We come on this earth to perform certain actions. We get rewards as per decision of directors i.e effect of planets on all human beings.

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I have removed my many web sites and face book accounts as these are not required. Earlier I was new to these technologies and I did not know. Now I am reducing my number of web sites, which are not required or I can not pay the amount to renew these sites.


My Address in New Zealand

70 Kaimoana Street, Weymouth, Auckland 2103

My phone number +64 2102768400

E mail jaipaldatta@hotmail.com

My ORCID ID Connecting researcher of the University of Auckland

1.0 My Philosophy of Life

1.1 Bhagwat Geeta

1.5 Theory of Life

2.0 We go to marriage or to death at determined time and place. So I believe in Astrology.

2.1 Astrology Lessons

3.0 My Gratitude

I am thankful to Mrs Pushpa Mohan and Brigadier ( Retd ) Dr. Kapil Mohan Padam Shree.V.S.M , PhD

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5.0 My Dream

I always believe in Vasudhaiv Katumbkam . The World is my family. My dream is to live in a World without any national boundaries and there is no war due to religion. I want to see no sufferings of any bio machines like human beings or animals or plants. I want free education medical facilities for all. I do not want any violence, cheating, hunger, exploitation in the society.

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Book of Mahatma Gandhi influenced me during my childhood. So I liked it and I wanted to add to my life. So read stories about me. Some are mine and some are true but are of my friends.

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My Experiments with truth.

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