Jaipal Datta's Photo Gallery

Due to change of Picassa all these photos can not be seen.

I shall add google version of my picassa albums.

1.0  Singapore by Jaipal Singh Datta

2.0  New Zealand

2.1  New Zealand   Dream Land 

2.2  New Zealand 1  Dream Land  Auckland Domain

2.3  New Zealand 2      Dream Land Rotorua

2.4  New Zealand 3  Dream Land New Zealand

2.5  New Zealand 4   Dream Land New Zealand Sky 

2.6  New Zealand 5    New Zealand Gurudwara

2.7  New Zealand 6   New Zealand Cornwall Park

2.8  Garage Sales   in New Zealand  

2.9   New Zealand Liquor     to be checked 

2.10  Distillery in New Zealand 

2.11  Brewery in New Zealand    

3.0  USA     
3.1  Hindu Temple near Seattle . 
Community is grateful to Microsoft Chief Executive

3.2  IEKA  in USA  

3.3  Louisville             Louisville 1           St Louis Arc   

        St Louis to Cuba 

3.4   Seattle to San Fransisco   Sun Rise of Yadgaar point    
         San Fransisco  in USA 

3.5   Seattle Citi                   Pike Place            University Village

Red Mond                         Bellevue                         Red Mond 1

3.6  Public Market in USA  to be corrected

3.7   Seattle Chicago Delhi 

3.8   San Fransisco Bridge 

3.9   Big Sur       

3.10   History of St Louis 

3.11 17th Mile Drive in USA

3.12  Budweiser Brewery
Astrologer in India                  Photo Albums      
Mohan Meakin provides free tea to Jawans on NH 22  
Jai Jawan    
1.0  Air Pollution in Delhi during winter  
1.1  Air Pollution 1 in Ghaziabad
1.2  Pollution   Air Pollution in Himachal Pradesh and Goa 
1.3  NH 22 & Air Pollution     Air Pollution

2.0  Indian Administration by Jaipal Singh Datta 

3.0  Delhi is capital of India. It shows culture of India.
shops,  traffic on roads and electric distribution on Delhi Roads . Kindly look the following photos also for Indian art of living and
Awake India Awake! or Jago Indians. I do not want to show negative. But Jago Indian
3.1  Awake India    3.2  Delhi  3.3  New Delhi    3.4  Delhi Mall    
3.5  Delhi Mart   Karol Bagh in Delhi  3.6 Bank

4.0 I travel by rail, bus, car and air very often on NH1, NH 18, NH 22, NH 58 or Delhi Airport. So I have taken photos of road side movement which I could take while travelling without any special efforts. I hope you may feel glimpses of Indian living. Glimpses of travelling in India by rail or road.
4.1 NH 22     &     Floods  on Karnal Road after Ambala 
4.2  NH 58   4.3  Cheetal Park on NH 58           Near Haridwar     
4.4 Road Travel     4.5  Rail Travel  4.6    Rail Travel 1
4.7  Train Journey From Delhi to Dehradun
4.8  NH 1        4.9  Haveli Smog Sun Shine on Hills 
4.9  Sahibabad Road Travel 
4.10  International Airport   and sun set near Delhi
4.11 Heritage Train Solan     
4.11 International Airport   and Sun Set at Air Port

5.0 God in India 
I have taken many photos of temples and different Gods.  
5.1  God    5.2   Shiva      5.3   Gurudwara  in Solan   5.4  Sai Baba 
5.5  Shoolini      Mata in Solan   5.6  Surya   5.7      Garuda Puran
5.8  Shakti Sthal   Shakti Sthal is going to be 8th Wonder of the World.
5.9  Sankat Mochan  and   Mantra 

7.0 Photos of Indian Cities by Jaipal Singh Datta 
7.1  Panchkula  Panchkula is near Chandigarh. 
7.2  Chandigarh  
7.3  Vadodara     Sun Set at Delhi Air Port and Vadodara
7.4  Solan Hills               Hail Storm        Monsoon 
        Solan                       Solan Mall        Solan Hills 
7.5   Shimla   Visit to Shimla     Solan Shimla Chail 
         Shimla Hills        Hill Top   of Solan 
7.6    Kasauli    
7.7    Dehradun to Sarahan  Yamuna, Hills and Sun Set
7.8    Sarahan to Nahan        
7.9    Paonta Sahib Gurudwara   
7.10  Rishikesh 
7.11  Mussorie   
7.12   Goa     Goa Cruise Trip      
          Mangeshwari Temple in Goa            Historical Church in Goa  
          Sun Set In Goa
7.13  Ghaziabad   Area near Court where crores Rupee registry is 

8.0  Sun Rise & Sun Set in India on Highway, Mountains, Airport etc. Nature's best gift to humanity. Change is law of nature.
8.1  Sun Set   Sun Set near Delhi Air Port
8.2  Sun Set in Goa  Sea Beach and Goa and Sun Set  
8.3  Summer & Sun Set    8.4  Sun Set on High Way on NH 58
8.5  Sun Rise     8.6 Sun Rise 02              8.7 Sun Rise 03   
8.8 Sun Rise in Winter              

9.0 Clouds 
 9.1  Clouds        9.2  Sky 
 9.2  Rain Fall 

10.0  Nature's Gift 
10.1  Tree      10.2  Flowers     10.3  Flowers-1     10.4    Floweres-2                 10.5  Flowers-3   10.6 Flowers-4     10.7 Fruits Leetchi     
10.8  Plants      

12.0  Indian Art   Art Exibition in Shimla Art Gallery 

13.0  Hotel & Restaurant / Tours & Travels
I visit certain hotels and restaurants very often as guest of the hotel industry. I take photos of their bars, restaurants and reception etc. I hope you may enjoy these photos.
Destination       The Destination     on NH 22 - a nice hotel

14.0  Industry is a symbol of growth and development of materialistic life. See photos of Industries where I am allowed to take photos.
14.1 CDBL  ( Chandigarh Distillers & Brewers Ltd )
14.2  MML                            14.3   Glass Factory     
14.4  Lohri celebrated at Mohan Nagar

15.0  Jaipal Datta 
1 JPS  with NTR  and  2.0   Andhra Pradesh  JSD with Bhaskar Rao
3.0  Jaipal Datta    4.0   Jaffarwaldattan  Datta  Family Tree Document    5.0   Mohyal Ashram   6.0     My Family 
7.0  Mani Singh