Here's where you can find information about what we're learning in U.S. History and Civics!  

Below you can find a link to the syllabi for my classes. Please email if you have any questions! 

-Ms. Gergeni

Classes - 

U.S. History: 
In U.S. History we are learning about the foundations of the 13 Colonies and the establishment of the United States of America as a sovereign nation. We have been using primary sources to explore how these historical events happened and why they are important today. Coming up soon, we will be having mock Salem Witch Trials to have hands-on experience with this time in history!

In Civics we are focusing on the purpose of government and the estbalishment of the United States governent specifically. To do this we are reading about various forms of government around the world and studying the U.S. Constitution. At the end of this unit we will be creating our own sovereign states!
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