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Welcome to room 202!  

Lots of hands-on activities are scheduled for this year.  In biology we'll enjoy investigating such topics as genetice, DNA, ecology,cells, evolution, plants, animlas and the human body  In anatomy and physiology we'll learn about the structure of the body and how it functions. You’ll gain an understanding of the causes, diagnosis and treatment of disease, and how they affect different parts of the body. You could learn, for example, how cells develop, how limbs form in the right places, and even how muscle groups are used in different sports. You may also touch on hot topics such as cell cloning, bioinformatics, genetic engineering, and perhaps even the impact of malaria or HIV on a human being. Topics included in health class incluse wellness, character development, nutrition, body composition and weight management, mental health, managing stress and anxiety, mental disorders, effective communication, family crises, abstinence and relationships, reproductive systems, the life cycle, sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS, infectious and non-infectious diseases, tobacco, alcohol, and medicines and drugs. The skills taught in HOM-e are imperative to ensuring that each and every student who graduates has a clear understanding of how to succeed and thrive in college, at work or both. We'll will engage in senior  portfolio development, presentation and speaking activities, business writing and telephone skills, as well as incorporating the "16 Habits of Mind" into our everyday life.

Enjoy the school year!

Ms McDonald

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