Sites with many generators
  • Seventh Sanctum - names, descriptions, etc.
  • Serendipity - very similar to the above (was inspired by it), mostly fantasy and Les Misrables
  • Abulafia - a host of random generators in a wiki
  • Donjon - has many generators some generic, some for d20, some for D&D 4th edition and some for Sci-Fi.
  • ChaoticShiny - Also inspired by Seventh Sanctum. Hannah also produces tables on pdf and sells them.
  • Warpcore SF - has some generators in its fiction section
  • Chris Pound's Language Machine - has names, spells, kung-fu moves and much more
  • Manfred's little generator page - NPCs, background, horses, and other stuff
  • NBOS Inspiration Pad Online - has many generators (all downloadable as Inspiration Pad Pro tables): name, NPCs, encounters, and more
  • Some generators and links
  • PBE Games has retro character generator, gem generator, Diaspora cluster builder and many dice rollers
  • The Red Dragon Inn has dice rollers, name generators, town generator, gem generator, fantasy service generator, and star trek tools
  • Inkwell Ideas has random city map, random dungeon, random village, random superhero and more
  • Mathmegician has random treasure, D&D random town, and random weather
  • Age of Fables has random region map generator, plot, and adventure ideas
  • Phantasia has Harn related generators: manor, map, household, vessel, and weather
  • RPG World has a few generators: adventure seed, moral dilemma, npc description, tavern, blacksmith, temple, herb, and potion
  • Ian Toltz has many generators. For D&D 4e and earlier versions, also some tools.
  • DMTools has generators and tool for the overburdened DM
  • Mithril and Mages has many generators, a good many for Labyrinth Lord, some for modern, and some for CyberPunk 2020.
  • Springhole has many generators for roleplaying and writing (names, plots, characters, and many more)
  • The Generator Blog is a blog that houses links to many generators around the web
  • EN World has a section for generators
  • The Last Gasp has the the 7th order of the random generator - a section with many random generators (mostly suitable for OSR)
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