Roles & Responsibilities

The primary role of the members of the Cullowhee Planning Steering Committee will be to provide advice and direction to the Planning Department staff as the staff examines the feasibility of implementing community based planning in the Cullowhee area.  Members will serve as liaisons to the community, reporting to their friends, neighbors, and coworkers the work of the committee and providing feedback from these people to the committee.  Each member will be charged with the task of helping to define what the community will look like in the future.  Should the community planning effort obtain the support of the community, the steering committee will guide the drafting of development standards to manage the future growth of the community to attain the vision developed early in the planning process.  Participation on the steering committee will require a commitment of time from members.  It is anticipated that the committee will meet for at least 6 months, with each meeting lasting a couple hours.  In addition to the meetings, members will be expected to do some work outside the meetings.  This work will include reading information provided, talking with friends and neighbors about the planning effort, and researching information related to the planning effort.  

The following provides some details regarding the tasks and responsibilities of the steering committee members:
  • Advise and direct – The steering committee will direct all work of the Planning Department staff as they develop the maps and documents necessary for the community planning effort.  The committee will serve as the advisory board to the Jackson County Planning Board and the Board of County Commissioners on all matters related to the community planning effort.  Items on which the committee members will provide direction are the map of the proposed planning area boundaries, the development of a community vision/plan for Cullowhee, and drafting of development standards.
  • Liaison – Each member will be expected to keep friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. informed about the efforts of the steering committee and seek their opinions regarding the work of the committee.  Members will bring the opinions and questions of their friends, neighbors, etc. to the meetings and assure that these opinions and questions are considered by the committee and the staff as the various tasks assigned to the committee are undertaken.
  • Meetings – Steering committee members will be expected to attend the regular meetings of the committee as well as special meetings such as joint meetings with the County Planning Board and/or the Board of Commissioners.  It is anticipated that the committee will meet twice a month.  The regular meetings likely will be held in the evening (5:30?) at a convenient location in Cullowhee.  The number of special meetings will be limited but 1 or 2 should be anticipated.  In addition there will be community meetings designed to obtain the input of community members, with at least 2 – 3 community meetings anticipated.  It is hoped that the work of the committee will be completed in 6 to 7 months.
  • Measure Support – Members will be charged with measuring the support for community based planning in Cullowhee.  This means obtaining the input and opinions of others and passing this on to other committee members, Planning Department staff, and Commissioners.  If the work of the committee proceeds this may evolve to measuring the support for details of the community planning effort, such as measuring support for certain proposed development standards.  As with the liaison role, this task will involve a good deal of communication with friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.
  • Review work and recommendations – During the community planning effort, Planning Department staff will be preparing reports, recommendations, maps, etc. for review and comment by the steering committee.  Many of these items will require approval by the committee before they can become final recommendations that are forwarded to the County Planning Board and/or the Board of Commissioners.  Careful review and discussion of these items will be required to assure that they accurately reflect the views of committee members and of the community.
  • Community meetings – In order to obtain the input of the community, meetings to which all who live and/or own property/businesses in the proposed planning area are invited.  Committee members will be expected to attend these meetings to hear the comments and questions of community residents and business/property owners.  These comments and questions will help guide the actions of the committee.  An important element of community based planning is the input and direction provided by the community.  The community meetings and the liaison efforts will be key in assuring that the work of the committee reflects the will of the community.
  • Education – To a greater or lesser extent, the community planning effort will be a learning experience for all involved.  Steering committee members will have to learn about land use planning in general and community based planning in particular in order to effectively carry out their duties.  They will also have to share what they learn with other community members as they discuss the community planning effort with them.  The Planning Department staff will be responsible for providing members with information sources and resources to use as they seek to learn about community based planning.