World Language

15 septiembre 2016


Welcome to a new school year!

This year, our K-6 students will continue their Spanish studies.  Each class will meet twice per week for a total of an hour per class.  The goal?  Enjoy learning a new language!

Here we are last week in the 2/3 Class reviewing "Cabezas, hombros, rodillas, y pies," and playing a little bit of "Simón dice..."  

Sra. Walker plays with the 2/3 class

In all classes we will continue to develop a working knowledge of greetings, numbers, colors, shapes, weather, food, parts of the body, clothes, holidays, and general descriptions.  In the K/1 and the 4th grade, we will focus on Math Concepts in Spanish.  In the upper levels, we will begin to construct simple sentences in the present tense.

I will use a combination of Total Physical Response Storytelling (TPRS), direct instruction, games, songs, read alouds, and artwork to teach as much Spanish to our students as possible.  

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