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Please note: Report cards will be sent home on Monday, March 27, 2017!

 What a week! Ski-a-Thon, SeaPerch, Taiko Drumming!


Ski-a-thon! Students skied many, many laps on a beautiful Monday this week! Here are just a few pictures of a perfect afternoon on the JSTF trails. Thank you to all the parents and volunteers for their time and snacks! Skiers! Donations and pledges from your sponsors are due next Friday, March 31, 2017! Awards will be presented at All School Meeting on Thursday, April 6, 2017!

 Mrs. Robert’s second and third graders wrote reflections about the k-5 field trip to JBES to see the Taiko Drumming performance on Tuesday. Here are a few excerpts:

It was funny when he would do the lion dance. That was my favorite part. What I didn’t like that kids were making fun of him. We all had fun. ~Jameson

The drummer was awesome. I liked the lion dance because he got to bite people’s hands. He was biting people’s hands because he was giving us GOOD LUCK! ~Hunter

I liked the big drum because it was loud. The lion dance was so funny I laughed so hard. ~Connor

The drummer was cool. He did a lion dance which was super cool and silly. I thought it was hilarious. He made the lion eat an orange. He drummed very loud songs. ~Maira


Drill, solder, wire, and follow intricate directions! For three days this week, JGS and JBES sixth graders joined forces to build ROVs—Remotely Operated Vehicles, know as SeaPerch. Be sure to watch for more photos and reflections as this project reaches completion. Thank you to all the volunteers, staff and parents who were on hand to help!

 Summer Camps and Programs!

Brochures for JGS’s Summer Program, Bartlett Rec’s Bear Camp, and Tin Mountain’s Kinder and Explorer Camps are available in the school office!

 Dates to Remember

3/28/17— Louis Fuchs Concert

4/7/2017—Early release

4/11-4/13—Circus Smirkus at school!

4/12/2017—School Board Meeting, 6 PM

4/17-4/21— Spring Vacation



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