Mr. Marshall's 6th Grade

Welcome Back to School!
Please note your child's weekly schedule below.

The last day of summer is here - it certainly has felt like a long, hot summer.  We are working on graphing, statistics and data analysis in math.  During literacy, we are reading in book groups and identifying characters and determining the characters' physical and personality traits.  Students have written several personal flash drafts in preparation for taking one of these ideas through the writing process to publication.  In Social Studies we are studying ancient civilizations and the six pillars that define them.  Ask your child about the six pillars that define civilizations.  We will be starting a sound/light wave unit in science soon.  This unit will be supplemented by visitations by Tin Mountain next month.  The Upper House split into small groups with a teacher facilitator and started fine-tuning the passion project topics/questions.  Students are working on their project proposals next week.  Please ask them about their project ideas.
Also, we had our first community snack this Thursday.  We presented scenarios and discussed the growth vs. fixed mindset.  Have a great fall and please do not hesitate to contact me.


All students must read at least 30 min./night.

1. Nightly Reading
2. Book Club Assignment: Based on what you and your partner decided.

 Language Arts:

Spelling List. Test Wed.
Social Studies:


 Miscellaneous1.Classroom Job: Make sure you know what day(s) you are responsible for doing your job.
2. PE Assignment
3. Passion Project Proposals due Friday - work on them next week and share with family

6th Grade Schedule 2018/2019

Everyday we conduct a morning meeting to build community and responsibility.  Student classroom jobs rotate weekly.  Check to see what your child has for a job this week.