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Seuss 2016

Check out the 4-5 awesome ugly holiday sweater extravaganza 

and 6th grade utterly ugly holiday sweaters!

Please help the JGS Usability Team by taking a minute or two out of your day to take our library survey. Usability describes the ease of use of something we made. The Usability Team is Jozelyn and Amy, working with Mrs. Laplante. Our mission is to make the library website easier to use for anyone who goes on it. There are many steps to this project but first we need you --students, parents and teachers-- to take our survey so we can get feedback and know what to change on our website.

The survey: http://tinyurl.com/jgslibrarysurvey

The Hour Of Code was celebrated 
December 8, 2015. 
Visit code.org for more info & to learn code!

 Volunteer Opportunities  
We are currently looking 
for volunteers!
Please contact the school or Ms. Laplante for more information.



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