5th & 6th Grade Class


We have been immersed in historical fiction for the past two months and as the unit draws to a close, the students will be hard at work completing Multi genre book reports where they will write a short report about their book, then present what they've learned in a creative format.  Take a look at the Powerpoint that describes this project: Copy and paste this link:
There is a lot going on as we lead up to April vacation- Keep these dates in mind.

Greetings Parents!  Please take note of these important upcoming dates


March 31  Louis Fuchs-Otto Ninow Concert  All 5/6ers involved in band and/or chorus will spend the day at  Kennett Middle School  practicing for the concert.  Please pack a lunch the bus will bring them there and return to school by 2:00.   The concert will take place at 6:30 PM that evening.  Students should arrive at the Kennett Middle School at 6:00.


April 2- Sixth graders will be going to Bartlett for another opportunity to bond with their peers.    We will leave here at 11:40 to arrive at Bartlett in time to join the  sixth graders there for lunch.  After lunch we will head into the sugarbush and do some sap collection, (hopefully) the evaporator will be up and running in Stoney’s Sugarhouse and some of the Bartlett students will share their knowledge of the  process, and we will take a look at the photovoltaic system at work in the Sugarhouse.  Then the Bartlett students will share some projects they’ve been working on and we’ll have a read aloud together.  The students will take the bus home from JBES as last time.  PLEASE send your child prepared to spend part of the afternoon on snowshoes in the woods working.  (boots, no fancy clothes, appropriate outerwear for the weather).


April 8- DAR Meeting 2:00.  The Ladies of the Anna Stickney Chapter of the DAR will arrive to recognize the students who wrote DAR essays this year.  We will share our Historical fiction projects with them as well. Parents are welcome to join us for this event.


April 9, 10,13,14- We will be taking the Smarter Balanced Test.  We will be testing at different times across those days.

French Language practice:   www.bbc.co.uk/school/primarylanguage/french

Or Apple users, search for mind snack french in the Apple store for a free app.

    Everyday Math Online Resources for Parents & Students:
    Log on here for video lessons and help with math algorithms.
            Click here to access this free resource.    

Sumdog:  Play math games online for practice.  Students are assigned a username and password and I receive updates on their progress and identified areas for practice.

Log on to SumDog, click here

Remember the school code is jgs56

    Khan Academy:  Stay current with your skills, but for refreshers or to learn new concepts, check out Khan Academy.  Video lessons help students learn the information.
                    Click here to access the website.     
                       www.mathisfun.com is a great website for kids to access for skills practice and games.
Here are some other thoughts
Playing games is great for all families:  Some ideas that teach math skills are Chess, Checkers, Uno,Yahtzee, Farkle, Backgammon or Cribbage or try board games that teach decision making skills like Stratego, or Risk.  Crossword puzzles, word searches and games like Scrabble or Boggle are helpful with spelling skills,  Playing any games teach many skills and provide valuable opportunities for families to enjoy each other's company.  HAVE FUN!!

Access to Google Docs, click here