5th & 6th Grade Class


            It is an incredible time to enjoy being outside, family time, and down time.  

Make TIME to keep fresh on all that you have learned, practice your skills, and gear up for a great year ahead beginning this fall.

Our studies will take us back to the time of the Explorers and carry us through the settling of an Early America and the creation of itself as a country.  Building on our theme of exploration, we will explore science concepts around the themes of force and motion, levers and pulleys, solar energy, food and nutrition, and healthy living.

If you are looking for suggestions of how to prepare for 5th and 6th grade, look below for ideas!

See you Sept. 2 if not before!


Looking for more to do?  Here are some good ways to keep your skills sharp and fun for the family!

To Do:


    Play Games:  The best way to stay on top of math skills is to engage in playing games with friends and family.  Any games that require keeping and manipulating numbers in your head or using strategies are fantastic options.  Any time spent playing a game will also improve communication skills.  
    Some of our favorites include:
      • Cribbage
      • Farkle
      • Multiplication War
      • Othello
      • Chess
      • Monopoly
    Everyday Math Online Resources for Parents & Students:
    Log on here for video lessons and help with math algorithms.
            Click here to access this free resource.    

Sumdog:  Play math games online for practice.  Students are assigned a username and password and I receive updates on their progress and identified areas for practice.

Log on to SumDog, click here

Remember the school code is jgs56

    Khan Academy:  Stay current with your skills, but for refreshers or to learn new concepts, check out Khan Academy.  Video lessons help students learn the information.
                    Click here to access the website.       

Website Links to Enhance our Curriculum:

Audacity is an audio recording program that may be downloaded onto PC computers.  We have been using this program to record our myth read alouds.  Parents may want to explore this free resource with their children.  Click on the link here for more information.  Audacity by SourceForge

Free Sound is another great resource we will be using to enhance our readings.  Check out this website for some great sounds! 

French curriculum websites:


les chiffres (numbers)

Click here for a BBC produced French language website

Practice your states and capitals using Sheppard Software.

Access to Google Docs, click here


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