Mrs. Heysler's 5/6

Mrs. Heysler’s

Summer Homework 2016


***Reading- Please read at least 2 books.  One should be by an author you know and love or in a genre you know and love.  The other should be a challenge in a genre you don’t know or love.  While you are reading, Please take notes or use post-its to follow either a character or the plot through the story. 

·         Following Character…note the qualities/traits the character has and watch how these help or hinder the character throughout the book.  Or note how the character interacts with others- does this change as the character grows?

·         Following Plot/Storyline…Don’t just note what’s happening, ask yourself why the author might use a certain event to move the story along.  Note how the story grows to its climax.

Keep these notes in a safe place when you are done with the book, we will take a look at them when we start

When you are done reading these two books and you still have time left, pick up another book and read that just for fun!


***Math- Play games that involve numbers or patterns!  Here are just some ideas:

·       When you are hanging out around a campfire, pull out a cribbage board or backgammon. 

·       f it’s a rainy day, play Monopoly or Chess. 

·       When you are at a cabin on a lake or at the beach house bring along Yahtzee or Farkle.   

Think about your strategies while you are playing and send me an email afterwords to let me know what you played, and how it went.  (


***THINKING-As you go through the summer, think about all the fun you are having and how that impacts you.  Summers are times for amazing memories that will help to mold and form the person you become.  Find creative ways to document what you do.  Here are some ideas:

·         Write about it

·         Capture it in photographs

·         Draw/paint pictures

·         Make a collage, sculpture or some other “installation”

·         Make up a song

Be ready to share this when we meet again!

Until we meet again on the 1st day!


  • 2 one-inch binders nothing fancy and whatever color you like (1 will be for homework, 1 will become your writing notebook)
  • 1 one subject notebook (college ruled preferred...)
  • Pencils (which ever kind you like- mechanical or regular)
  • a ruler (with standard and metric measurements)
  • a pair of scissors
  • a shoe box size plastic storage box with a lid

If you ever have any questions, drop me a line at:

  • Playing games is great for all families:  Some ideas that teach math skills are Chess, Checkers, Uno,Yahtzee, Farkle, Backgammon or Cribbage or try board games that teach decision making skills like Stratego, or Risk.  Crossword puzzles, word searches and games like Scrabble or Boggle are helpful with spelling skills,  Playing any games teach many skills and provide valuable opportunities for families to enjoy each other's company.  HAVE FUN!!

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