4th and 5th Grade - Mr. Harding's Class

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Compare Presidential Candidates - this looks like a unbiased, easy to use comparison chart

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The News from Grades 4 and 5                                          2-1-2016

             We sure have been busy with our study of ancient civilizations! Parents I know you saw your kids doing some good research for homework last week and you probably helped out. The kids scored themselves, and I scored them too (on that checklist I copied to the back of last week’s homework letter) on their research phase. In some cases kids may still want to do a bit more research (and bring a score up) but really they are all ready to sort their notes and begin drafting today and tomorrow. By Tuesday night we think they will be ready to begin revising and editing the work they draft in school on Monday and Tuesday, and so that will be homework due on Friday. I’ll tell kids to print a copies to bring home unless they are absolutely sure they’ll have access to googledocs at home or at the JPL on Tues, Weds or Thurs. So please discuss this with your kids, and if you are afraid they might misrepresent the family computer situation, you could email me to be sure.

            Our discussion of national and international, literacy focused charities went quite well. Eight were represented and after presentations and voting, we narrowed it down to Room to Read and Book Aid International. This week we will present these to the other classes for a vote and likely announce the school’s choice at the all school meeting on Thursday.


            Read every night! Book club preparation includes notetaking and should be a priority!

            Math pages (attached)

            Revising and editing your report chapters. See the flipside for reminders about the transitions and explanations you’ll want to pay attention to as you revise. Parent helpers, see above and the flipside of this sheet for idea about how you can help.

            5th grade science journal – Write/draw/label observations, questions, etc from nature.


            Mr. Harding

 PS I’m not really sure how, but our googledocs passwords seem to have changed. Sorry about any inconvenience! Please make a note of these new passwords.


PPS Today we briefly discussed the presidential primary election, some issues, political parties, branches of government. I put on our website a great, unbiased, candidate comparison site.