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            Math these days is lots of percentages work. I encourage you to take advantage of everyday opportunities to point out to kids examples of percentages in the store, the news, etc. I’ve shown them how to find 10% of anything and so they can often use that to find 20% (double the 10%) or 5% (halve the 10%)… and by extension, amounts like 35% of most anything. Pretty powerful when you think about it.I also encourage you to continue playing the percentage guessing game that was homework 2 weeks ago. But math in our current unit is also negative numbers, geometry of symmetry, flips, rotations and reflections, and understanding weights.

            Our work in science has focused on the ways that animals (and plants) are adapted to their environments. Today we watched a very age appropriate video explaining evolution and natural selection, which clearly supports our study of adaptations. Late this week we will begin writing short pieces about the adaptations in plants and animals that one could see on the town land at Prospect Farm. We’ll lay out the trail when we are there next week. This Friday we will have our final session of the NECAP science test.

            Homework this week:

            Math pages (attached)

            TFK essay – choose one article (either ‘the Storm’, ‘the Sleep’, the “Watery Moon”, or “Super Rowan”) and write a TWO paragraph essay. Your essay should explain your opinion AND use some information from the article… but you can also use other facts and stories that you know and/or information you learn elsewhere.

Text Box: For 5-27 Arizona Georgia Pennsylvania Connecticut Missouri Minnesota Louisiana Illinois Delaware Wisconsin             Spelling words for this week are here… also attaching last week’s test which may include some missed words to study. We’ll have the next spelling test in the middle of next week. To make learning like this work, it needs steady review. Please help your kids to study these not just the night before. If that is to be the case (as some tell me it is) we might as well not do them at all.


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