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4-5 Newsletter                    Nov 23, 2015

             Some pretty intense learning – that’s what we are up to in the 4-5 class! Last week we did some feverish research into small topics related to Egypt. You know this because you helped your kids rehearse their presentations last week, and you would have been very impressed with their poise. Of course, the presentation skills and practice were at least half of what we were teaching and assessing. That’s in addition to the skills of researching and organizing notes. And then there are the skills of listening to classmates and taking notes on their presentations. So, yes, if I’m not mistaken, it felt like lots of fun, challenging work. It was great to be together as a 4-5-6 combination. The older kids were very supportive and modeled some solid skills and behaviors.

          Meanwhile, in the 4-5 room we have been honing our memoir writing skills on two memoirs each – of which we’ll each be reading one at tomorrow’s assembly. And then we’ve got those fractions. If your kids seem extra irritable these days, fractions (and decimals) may be to blame. I don’t make a big deal of it with students, but I don’t mind telling them they are not the first students to find these math concepts challenging.

          You’ll see your child’s NWEA scores (from this October) AND Smarter Balance testn scores (from last spring) in the mail any day. It seems a strange time to send them. Maybe you should lose them in the holiday rush. Or maybe they’ll be something for which to be thankful. Let me know if there are surprises or questions there.

          I’m so thankful for all the support you’ve shown me this year and through the years. I feel the confidence you have in me and it both calms and inspires me in this job.

          No homework this week! Read lots! Appreciate one another!

          Stay in touch!

          Mr. Harding