4th and 5th Grade - Mr. Harding's Class

              Oh you 5th graders! Thank you for a wonderful year. You are smart, caring and funny as can be. We taught each other lots I hope you will agree.

            Oh you incoming 4th graders! I can't wait to get to know you. On step up day I learned enough to know that you are good listeners, team players and fast, creative thinkers.

            All, I'll be working on a letter for Miss Susan to send you on August 12th while I am off in the wilds of Alaska canoeing... That will hopefully inspire you to come back to school fresh and full of curiosity. It will tell you, in case you are wondering, that you need to bring practically nothing in the way of materials. Sorry if that is disappointing. We are already a well stocked classroom. 


          Be well. Have wonderful summers of both rest and adventure!


          Mr. Harding