4th Grade - Mr. Harding's Class

March 31, 2015   


          I was excited to read through the goals setting sheets that students worked on at home with you in response to the trimester two report cards. I’ll make it a practice to bring each student’s attention back to these throughout the remainder of the year in hopes that they can accomplish their goals and see them reflected in the final report card. Of course, you can help as well, by asking them for updates on their work/behavior.

          Testing starts today. I’ve written about this fun topic in lots of previous newsletters. Here are the highlights. We’ll do our best, we’ll take our time, and we won’t let the darn things get us down. We’ll be patient with glitchy tec issues and with the teacher following the wordy directions script. We’ll take a lunch/recess break in the midst of nearly every session. This does mean kids need to be conscientious about NOT discussing the test during those mid-session breaks.

          Yes, we will be presenting our new found knowledge of electricity and energy at this Thursday’s All School Meeting. Kids spent some of our science time last week preparing their slides and early this week we will be rehearsing our presentation.

          Also on display (on the hall bulletin board) is our work in understanding themes that appear throughout various books. If you check this out you’ll see how each student chose a theme which they found in two different books. Then their job was to analyze a bit the way the different authors presented that same theme.



Homework (not much… sleep lots!):

Read 30 minutes each night.

Spelling Test: words from last week… test this Friday


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Mr. Harding