4th Grade - Mr. Harding's Class

                                                                                                              March 2, 2015



          We had a couple great science classes last week. Kids explored magnets and debunked a few of their own closely held notions – such as that magnets attract all metals. Then, in pairs, we used some simple, plastic, see-saw balances to actually measure the attractive force of one magnet, vs. two, vs. three, vs. two separated by a plastic chip, by two plastic chips, etc. Today we finished other related experiments the kids dreamed up.

          We began our unit on opinion/persuasive writing on which we will be fairly focused until April break at least. Part of our work in this unit is going to be learning to develop strong essays and all that means. Another part will be learning to be alert to the things, people, places and issues in our live ABOUT WHICH we could write essays. You and I can both help kids on this part by pointing out places we see essays in magazines, blogs, newspapers, etc. If you come across one that might resonate with kids, please send a copy.

          Let’s plan for a full afternoon of XC skiing for the ski-a-thon! Always the greatest event of the year, I think. If you can join us, the organizers can always use the help. Contact Kay Leigh Kearns or the school office. The weather looks like it might be a big factor, but we’ll see. I know most kids will want to stay the whole afternoon and ski right until 4:15, but that isn’t for everyone. Please be sure that your kids understand that we all stay until 3pm (it is PE time for all) and that staying past 3pm is a choice we hope they’ll make. But if they make that choice, the firm expectation is that they will ski and keep skiing (fast or slow, solo or with friends) taking only very short breaks.


Kids… Your Homework:

          Spanish: 5 pages in your ABC book each week.

          Math : 3 pages

          Writing: Collect ideas for essays. People and places that are special to you. Fill out the attached page to glue into your notebook at school.


Stay in touch! See you on the trails! Still a few CDs left!!

Mr. Harding


 Spanish Homework!!

Senora Walker says:

Please complete 5 additional letters in your "abecedarios" each week.  That means that 5 letters on your own will be due this Friday, 2/27/2015, and 5 more letters will be due the following Friday, 3/6/2015.  The entire project will be due at the beginning of class on Tuesday, 3/10/2015.  We will use class time until then to work on the letters for the book, title page, and dedication.  Whatever does not get finished in class on Friday, 3/6/2015 will become homework.


For each letter page, you must:

1. Write the uppercase and lowercase form of the letter;

2. Draw a simple picture of the animal that starts with that letter;

3. Write the name of the animal--in Spanish--on the page;

4. Use color;

5. Stay inside the margins that you drew on each page; and

6. Work as neatly as you can!