Mrs. Heysler's 4th and 5th Grade 2018-19

March 26 Louis Fuchs/Otto Nino Concert

March 29 Ice Fishing Field trip

April 22 Vacation week

May 9 Spring UA show

May 15 or 16 5th/6th track meet

***We will be completing NH SAS (standardized testing between May 13 and May 21) Please check in if you have travel plans during those times.

Classroom News:

Our Medieval unit was a success.  The students worked hard to answer the essential question and show what they learned in really creative ways.  

We don't have any big integrated units planned for the end of the year.  We will be focusing science and social studies through the theme "New Hampshire a Sense of Place"

We will also be focusing on some literature basics.  Students will be in book club groups and will be working on written responses, so please expect homework and help them set aside time to get it done.

If you ever have any questions, drop me a line at:


Please, Please, Please help your student to check their assignment notebook for ongoing integrated project and passion project homework, as well as their book club homework.

Reading: 30 minutes a night (once over the weekend) Students are often reading the same material as their classmates, and it is useful for them to be at about the same place to have good conversation.  

Math Students should practice their multiplication facts at least 4 times a week for about 10 minutes.  There are many ways to practice such as flash cards, oral quizzing, Ipad apps, Khan Academy,  As the content of math becomes more complicated it is really important for students to be automatic with their facts so they can use this knowledge to solve problems more efficiently. ***Students who do not finish assigned classwork in the reasonable amount of classtime, will be requested to complete the work at home.  They should spend about 20 minutes working and if it proves too difficult, they should check in with me upon returning to school, so I can find a time to help them. 

Parents should sign check-in for reading and math in the assignment notebook

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