Welcome to the 2/3 Class!

Our Study of Asia has begun! 
We started our study with learning about Asian elephants. Here we are sharing the mural we painted at School Meeting. We look forward to sharing more Asia studies with you!



We are working on writing movies to document our learning on a recent trip to the river.  While we were at the river, we each took pictures, collected data, and made observations. When we got back to school, we analyzed trends in our data and reflected on what we had seen. Then we set about making a movie. We made a storyboard, wrote a script, and narrated the photographs we had taken to create these movies. As you watch the movies, we hope you will notice the transition words we used in our writing, the way we used questions to engage our audience, and how clearly we spoke to communicate our ideas.  We are 21st century learners. We can communicate using technology and more importantly, we are learning to be strong collaborators, critical thinkers, and managers of our own learning.