Jack L. Mace: author of The Leader

My Brief Bio


Seminary Educated – Master of Divinity Degree from Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary, Elkhart, Indiana, with special training in Pastoral Counseling and Chaplaincy

College – Bethel College, North Newton, Kansas – Achieving a B.A. in Psychology with minor studies in Teaching, Engineering and the Fine Arts

Drawing upon my accumulated knowledge, skills and experience, throughout my career I have served to the satisfaction of employers, supervisors and clients to fulfill roles of Sales, Plant Manager, Chaplain, College Instructor and Business Entrepreneur/CEO in varied organizations to establish, promote and execute the required tasks and responsibilities of those positions.

Under my instruction and leading in various training courses (including writing some of them) my students have gained skills and expertise as they pursue their careers.

While it may seem as though my crowning achievements have been such as Chaplain, Leader of an ad-hoc committee to establish a non-profit and then serve as its CEO, I consider my crowning achievements to have come as my wife and I have raised two sons into successful adulthood.