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Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,


            Welcome to U.S. Civics and Economics.  I am Mr. Wilson, the social studies teacher for the Ospreys. I look forward to working with everyone and having a successful year.  This year is going to be full of new learning experiences and educational endeavors.


Contact Info:               e-mail: jwilson@iwcs.k12.va.us

                                    School Phone: 365-4100

Website: http://sites.google.com/site/mr.wilsonsocialstudies/


Civics and Economics is a two-part class. Civics is about the U.S. government. We will be learning about its foundation, citizenships, the political process and the structure and function of government. The second part is economics. Economics will be an introduction to basic economic concepts and the United States Economy.


Classroom Rules/Expectations

1. Follow all school rules                                            3. Respectful of the school and others

2. No inappropriate or distracting behavior               4. Follow all directions



            Students should bring all materials to class everyday. Students will need paper, pencils, pens, a binder or folder, a notebook, index cards, and other materials for classroom activities.



            Students are expected to complete all assignments by the due date and maintain academic integrity in their work. Students will be made aware of the deadlines and given ample time to complete their work. Students that are struggling with completing the work should seek help from the instructor. Students that fail to complete assignments or complete academic dishonesty may be asked to finish the assignment during an assigned time or given an alternative assignment.


Make-Up work:

            It is the student’s responsibility to obtain and turn in all missed work. Students should complete all work ASAP as to not fall behind in class. Missed work will be placed in a folder for the student to pick up.  Students will also have a basket to turn in all make-up assignments.



            Late work is highly discouraged, as it may impact student understanding. Students are expected to turn in all assignments regardless of whether said assignment is late. Late work will be deducted points.



Quizzes and Tests:

            Most quiz and test dates will be given in advance to give students adequate time to prepare. These assessments will consist of both online and paper/pencil quizzes/tests. If a student is absent the day of the test; they are expected to make it up the first day they return. Students should study and review nightly.




            Grades will be posted weekly on PowerSchool. Sometimes assignments and grades will have comments on them. I will try to get assignments graded within 2-3 days.



            Textbooks will not be issued. Any student that would like a textbook may sign one out. Students that do not return the textbook will be charged for the lost book or any damages





1st Nine Weeks

      Foundation of U.S. Government

      The Constitution


      Voting, Political Parties, and Campaigns


2nd Nine Weeks


      The Legislative Branch

      The Executive Branch

      The Judicial Branch


3rd Nine Weeks

      State Government

      Local Government

      Economic Decisions

      U.S. Economy


4th Nine Weeks

      Role of the Government in the Economy

      Career Planning

      SOL Test


*** This is just an outline of what we plan to do this year. Things may change to better meet the needs of the class.



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