Online Fun

If you want some online fun that we think your parents will approve of, check out some of our favorite sites listed below:

American Library Association Great Websites for Kids: All the best fun and educational websites the internet has to offer!

Want to be an author someday? Start new using some of these super cool digital storytelling websites:

PicLits external link icon
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then let this site provide the picture to inspire your words. Choose a picture from the gallery, and add text. Word choices are available or use your own. There is also an introduction to writing poetry using this tool.

Zooburst external link icon
Add a new dimension to storytelling, reports, and presentations with ZooBurst’s digital 3-D tool. In this safe and protected space, students create and customize pop-up stories; add their own voice to characters, upload artwork or items from a built-in database of over 10,000 free images and materials.

Myths and Legends external link icon
A site for those who enjoy stories and storytelling. Read digital myths, folktales and legends about the British Isles. Students and teachers can add to the stories and there are thousands of stories to choose from.

Check these out for some science related fun!

The Great Plant Escape: Activities for 4th-5th graders designed to introduce students to plant science and increase their understanding of how foods grow.

Science News for Kids

Lawrence Hall of Science Page: Play online science games, download activities to do at home, and more cool stuff.

More Fun:

Kids Heath:
Information about all aspects of health and the human body. Includes informative articles, answers to frequently asked questions, healthy recipes, and games.

Smithsonian Education: Whether youre planning a visit, have already visited and even if youve never been to the Smithsonian Museum, this site will have something of interest for you. Take a virtual tour, learn about science, natural history, aviation, dinosaurs, or whatever else interests you. There is something here for everyone.