Safety Rules

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WARNING!  Precuations for personnel safety must be observed at all times when setting up or tearing down teh unit. Be aware of elevated areas pinch points, suspended loads, moving equipment, etc. Keep a safe distance from these hazards to avoid serious personal injury.

Advertencia! deberé observarse precaución enla seguridad del personal en todo momento al instalar o desintalar la unidad. Tenga cuidado con éreas elevadas, puntos filosos, cargas suspendidas, equipo en movimiento, etc. Mantenga una distancia segura de estos riesgos para evitar lesiones graves en las personas.

Rent@Me USA  rents safe, high quality equipment. In order to provide a safe environment we setup and test all of our equipment before turning it over to our customers. Each unit is meticulously cleaned and evaluated after each event. Safety instructions are review with customers.

Operating Procedures: 
Each operator should read and understand the following instructions
  1. The ride should not be operated if the winds exceed 15 – 20 mph or in rain or if lightning conditions exist
  2. All riders must remove their shoes
  3. Riders should be sorted by size. Only riders of the same size should be allowed in the ride at the same time
  4. Riders must remove loose and/or sharp objects. This includes glassed, jewelry, belts, etc
  5. No food or drink is allowed in the inflatable – this includes gum.
  6. The rated capacity should never be exceeded. Please refer to the capacity chart posted near the entrance of each bounce house
  7. Operators should be positioned in close proximity to the entrance of the ride
  8. While the ride is in operation, the operator should watch the riders at all times. No rough-play or horse play should be tolerated. Climbing the side nets is not allowed.
  9. Flips are strictly prohibited
  10. Any rider that does not obey the rules after being warned should be asked to exit the ride.
  11. Operators should understand that that they are in control of the ride and removing someone from the ride who is not following instructions is important for the safely of all riders
  12. The operator must strictly enforce the posted rules for each ride
  13. The operator should assist the riders while they exit the ride
  14. Riders are not allowed to bounce on the entrance ramp.
  15. Operators must be in control of the ride at all times.
WARNING!!! Precuations for personnel safety must be observed at all times when setting up or tearing down the unit. Be aware of elevated areas, pinch points, suspended loads, moving equipment, etc Keep a safe distance from these hazards to avoid serious personal injury.

Emergency Procedures:

Emergencies can arise for various reasons. The following are a few examples of emergencies and how they should be handled. This is strictly a guide. Please use common sense when emergencies occur.

  • Weather: Bad weather can arrive in the form of rain, lightening or strong winds. In each case you must evacuate the ride immediately. Remain calm. If you panic, riders will also panic. Stay calm and assist riders in exiting the inflatable quickly but in an orderly fashion. Once the riders have exited the ride, deflate the unit by turning off the blower motor
  • Loss of Electricity: When the loss of power occurs the ride will slowly deflate. Remain calm !! You will have time to help the riders exit the ride safely. This situation tends to cause panic so please remain as calm as possible. Calmly instruct the riders. If the riders are unable to exist the unit from the main entrance, open the hatches on the roof of the unit and assist the riders in crawling out.  Check to see if the blower has become unplugged. If it has become unplugged, plug the unit back in.
  • Damage: If the ride becomes damaged while in operation, please take the following step:
• If the ride is ripped or looses air, assist the riders and deflate the unit.
• Write down what happened. Include all the details you observed and turn this report into a Rent@Me USA employee or a representative
  • Contact Rent@Me USA About immediately at 704-449-7441..Do NOT attempt to continue to operate the ride.

Don’t Wait Until You Have an Incident

No one is immune from an incident occurring at his or her place of operation, no one. But, everyone has an opportunity to be prepared and establish a quality safety program that can reduce the potential for an incident and/or help establish a credible defense posture in the litigation arena.

We specialize in amusement ride, device, facility, and leisure activity safety. We serve those that own, operate, visit, or use inflatable's, carnivals, fairs, festivals, exhibitions, family entertainment centers, children's play centers, arenas, sports complexes, leisure facilities, and more...


Read and obey all posted rules and restrictions.

Follow all height/age restrictions and verbal instructions issued by ride operators. If a child is smaller or larger than the designed compartment the restraint system may not protect him/her. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, check with your doctor before riding any ride.

WARNING! For water units cords must be set far enough from the unit so that water splashes would not cause electrical shock, potentially harming riders or bystanders.

Make sure the ride is appropriate for the rider. 
  • It is important to understand the dynamics of a ride prior to allowing children, elderly riders, or people with disabilities to ride. Most rides, by nature, are physically demanding.
  • Make sure restraints fit well and the rider is secured. Riders of varying sizes (whether large or small) have a higher risk of injury. 
  • If a child or developmentally-disabled rider seems frightened, alert the operator and remove the individual from the ride immediately. 
  • Ride with your child until you're absolutely sure he or she can understand and follow all of the safety rules. Some rides might not have a restraint system, so it is important to ensure that your child is secure.
  • Error on the side of caution when deciding whether or not to allow a person in your care to ride a ride.
Securely latch all restraints and use grab bars.
  • Double-check seat belts, shoulder harnesses, and lap bars. Hold onto handrails, when provided.
Stay in the "locked and loaded" position for the entire ride cycle. 
  • The attendant will make sure you're properly positioned and secured before the ride is launched. It's your job to maintain that safe position until the ride comes to a final stop at the unloading point. 
  • Keep all body parts and belongings inside the ride at all times. This includes hands, arms, fingers, legs, feet, toes, long hair, etc. 
  • Never stand up on a roller coaster to get a "bigger thrill", or rock a vehicle that's not designed to be controlled by riders.
  • If a ride stops temporarily, due to mechanical problems or other reasons, stay seated and wait for the ride to start up again or for an operator to give your further instructions.
  • Ride eyes-front to protect your neck. If you've got your head turned when a sudden change in acceleration occurs, injuries can result.
Stop riding before you get excessively tired.
  • Tired riders are more likely to make a mistake or skip a safety procedure, and might not have the strength to maintain a proper body posture.
Drink plenty of fluids throughout your stay at carnival.
  • Dehydration can increase your risk of injury or illness on some rides.
  • Never ride while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Don't board a ride if it looks poorly-maintained or the operator is inattentive.
  • While most carnivals pay close attention to ride safety, there are unfortunate exceptions. Follow your instincts. If something about a ride seems worrisome, don't ride it.
Report any accidents, problems, or safety concerns to:
  • Carnival management.
  • Regulatory officials, if the ride is subject to public safety oversight.
  • State and federal legislators, if the ride is exempt from public safety oversight

The National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials (NAARSO) is just such a place that can help you get started in building a safety program for your operation. The 18th NAARSO Annual Safety Forum was recently held in Orlando, Florida on January 23rd - 28th, 2005. A buffet style menu of courses was offered with sessions from one to two hours in length. The general sessions included topics ranging from basic inspection techniques, basic hydraulics, ASTM, accident investigation, codes, standards, and organizations.

Elective classes were offered for one day. These sessions included steel coasters, wooden coasters, go-karts, general midway safety, climbing walls, dark rides, walk through, and inflatable inspections.

The safety forum provided for a behind the scenes tour of EPCOT, one of the Walt Disney World theme parks. After a guided instructional tour class participants were given the opportunity to experience EPCOT as day guests.

Selected class participants being deposed by an amusement industry attorney, Wayne Pierce, highlighted the closing day of the safety forum. This session was a lot of fun but it also educated participants in matters involving the legal process and the difficulties associated with accident investigation. Attorney Wayne Pierce stole the show with his on stage performance and may have missed his calling as a comedian.

A lot of hard work and a lot of fun is the best way to describe the NAARSO Safety Forum. The philosophy of NAARSO is "safety through communication" and that is what this safety forum is all about; sharing knowledge to help others create and maintain safe operating environments for both employees and guests. The NAARSO Safety Forum is a great place to ask questions and to find answers.

If you are looking for answers to safety questions or if you need help in establishing or refining your safety and maintenance programs NAARSO is for you.

These safety forums are held annually and you can learn more about the services provided by NAARSO at

Hoping you are having a safe and successful 2010

Rent@ME USA Team.