Why the iVideoStick?

iVideoStick is an ULTRA LIGHT device weighing less than 1.5 lbs . This mobile camera  stabilizer really shines when you act as the host. You can easily make a quality video project of yourself talking and walking.

The  36" diameter curve of the iVideoStick 3.6 keeps your arm holding the device out of the shot, unlike our competitors, making it so easy to create that video of yourself.

We call it the Reverse Host Mode!

Smooth Flying Mode allows for film like video recordings as you walk around. Our device even increases your reach so you can get those shots over the heads of other people and objects!

The iVideoStick is great for sports and moving activities - you can flip it upside down with the Low Mode Handle. A great option just like the expensive systems for those times when you need to get very low to the ground. You can even do a Reverse Low Mode, which allows for more interesting low footage.

The Adjustable mobile device bracket fits just about all devices that are the size of an iPhone. It also comes with a tripod mount screw for securing to a tripod for stationary shots. 

View the Video Page to see examples of modes and uses

  • Smooth "Flying Mode"
  • Host  Mode
  • Low Mode
  • Low Mode Handle
  • Reverse Low Mode
  • Tripod mount screw
  • Ultra Light Weight
  • Adjustable Device Bracket
  • Safety Leash


Un-Like our competition a little wind won't blow your shot off target. Our fixed mount system is simple but gives direct control so you get more precise, radical and interesting shots!!

Construction Site with iVideoStick

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