Use & Specs

Works with iPhone 5 & all other iPhone generations.
also works with iPod Touch as well as any mobile device that is less than 4" wide.
Works great with GoPro cameras.

How to Use  |  Tripod Mount  |  Specifications

How to Use the iVideoStick in 3 steps
For some of you, its pretty clear on how to use a device like the iVideoStick. Some may have questions:
1. Simply stick your iPhone or other mobile device in the bracket 2. Make a loop for your safety leash 3. Put your hand through safety leash and your ready to shoot

So easy my 6 year old uses it, so its great for the novice videographer.

Tripod Mount
The iVideoStick also can quickly mount on a camera tripod.  Just attach the iVideoStick to the tripod's threaded mount located between the two handles. Use the iVideoSticks handle to direct your shot for professional results!

Specifications and Device Holder:

We are always trying to improve our product and are constantly searching for high quality parts for our assembly right here in the United States. Your iVideoStick may look different from the pictures on our website but may have better qualities we found that improved our product.

The Universal Device Holder is suitable for most mobile phones and PDAs

Button to regulate width - Maximum width-110mm - Minimum width - 45mm 


iVideoStick 2.4 unit
24" unit with Single Handle

iVideoStick 2.4


iVideostick 3.6
36" Unit with 2 Handles

iVideoStick 2.4  ............................... $49.99
Great for home videos and travel (small)

iVideoStick 3.6 ................................ $69.99
Best for the pro's and artists (large)

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Try the iVideoStick 2.4 for this and you will be amazed. Just get a camera timer app from iTunes or on our App Page and you'll never miss a memorable moment again!
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