Who We Are

T.R. Smith,  Inventor of the iVideostick

T.R. Smith, iVideoStick Inc. President, is always looking for the next best thing. This time, he invented it.

Award-winning producer, director, actor, strategic marketing planner, and creative developer with 20 years experience positively impacting visibility and bottom lines through expert direction in video production, business development and sales. 
TR invented the iVideostick in the garage of his Oakland CA home in 2011. The next year with the help of an investor he founded the iVideoStick Inc corporation and put together the January 2013 launch for the product at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. There the iVideoStick was a hit and made traction for placement in worldwide retailers. Today iVideoStick has 3 models including our newest iVideostick Mini and can be found online at www.ivideostick.com

"I've engineered the perfect inexpensive way to get professional looking videos using an iPhone or iPod  Touch or any other mobile device," said Smith, "Similar to Steadicam, it smoothes out the video and the bounce."

In a sense, for T.R.,his invention, the iVideoStick is the culmination of his on-set experience combined with his entrepreneurial spirit.

"I'm pleased to offer a product that supports quality video production, whether a professional or novice, using a smart phone," says Smith,  "I encourage you to try it for your next home video, home tour or even documentary film shoot. You will love the results!"

If you are interested in purchasing this website or product send inquiry to:  trsmith@ivideostick.com 
We are currently seeking out new investors to take our product to the next level. Please email me for info.