The Original  iVideoStick 2.4


YouTube Video


   Get professional looking videos 
using your iPhone,
iPod Touch or any other smart video device.
Simply mount your mobile device or camera onto the end of the iVideoStick camera holder and make smooth and
Steady Videos with Ease! 

Similar to a Steadicam, it smooths out the video and softens the bounce.
Engineered to work with any mobile device that fits in its universal holder.Capture incredible video without the shakes normally associated with small devices.

The iVideoStick is great for sports and moving activities - you can flip it upside down without changing anything. A great option  for those times when you need to get very low to the ground. You can even do a Reverse Low Mode, which  allows for more interesting low footage. 

iVideoStick model 2.4
24", single handle. Great for travel and making those home movies. Easy to use and includes backpack tote.Currently sells for $49.99.
iVideoStick model 3.6
36", two handle model for much more flexibility. Great for filmmakers and professionals. Great Host P.O.V. Currently sells for     $69.99

Both are a must-have tool for self-produced video productions. Save money, do-it-yourself video production with professional results.  

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Get those Low Shots with ease!


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