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Librarian's Note: When looking for information on life in the U.S. during the 1840's, you need to broaden your search topics in order to find enough relevant and credible information. Some of the resources apply to the 19th century as a whole.

Looking below, you'll probably find most of your information under the general resources, especially as it relates to work. However, I also found some good sites dealing with education and disease prevention.

General resources for the 1840's:

**Scope Time Machine (1840's) - Video - To cite this video, cite it as a Film/Online Video in EasyBib. Click on the tab that says "All 59 options" and the select Film/Online Video on the left. From there, copy this link and paste:  http://scope.scholastic.com/Video-Archive

**Antebellum America (video) - The period before the Civil War is often referred to as the Antebellum era. This short video summarizes what life was like in the U.S. between 1820 to 1855. To cite this video, look at the instructions for the Scope Time Machine Video (above) but use this link instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqmbM5emWzQ

**Everyday Life in the 1830's - Another good site. The information here is applicable to the 1840's.

The Pre-Civil War Era - This site gives an overview of the United States from 1815-1850. Topics include labor, (scroll down) national culture, and some women's history in "The Culture of Domesticity."

Encyclopedia Britannica

 - Use the search terms "education," "labor," and "United States," and then scroll down to the mid-nineteenth century for relevant information.

America's Best History - A timeline of political, historical, and cultural events that took place during the 1840's

19th Century America - This is a massive compilation of links created by a high school teacher. Scroll through the topics to find what you need.

1846: Portrait of the Nation - Not as much information as in the links above, but you can still find some good facts here, particularly under "Currents of Culture" and "Science and Pseudoscience."



**11 Ways School Was Different in the 1800's

**One-Room Schoolteachers

PBS Online: Only A Teacher - Scroll down to view the sections on Common School and Feminization Begins


**Pre-Civil War Working Conditions (video) - A great video from a well-known historian.
This is from our new database ProQuest. 

Child Labor in Antebellum America - Complex text from ABC-CLIO

Recreation - Scroll down to the section on "The Impact of Industrialization." There's also good info. here on work/labor.


Disease Prevention

The Early Nineteenth Century American Medical Worldview

Common Ailments, Complaints, and Diseases - View diseases in alphabetical order plus common treatments during the 19th century.

Medicine in 1860's Victoria - While this web quest addresses medical practices in Victoria, Canada, it still has enough general information that can be applied to the U.S.

Medicine of Jacksonian America - A detailed description of the development of medicine in the 19th century.


**Lastly, if you have some extra time, check out this page and the accompanying website, "Knowing Poe." Start at the home page; it's interactive and very interesting!

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