Assignment Directions & Links

    The National Anthem

For this topic Honor students are required to research & write four paragraphs (8-10 sentences each) and Core students 4 sentences minimum on each of the following aspects of the National Anthem. Use the format below when working on the project.

§ Paragraph 1: Choose either the composer (the person who wrote the music), or the lyricist (the person who wrote the words) and write a brief biography.

§ Paragraph 2: When the song was written and what message is being conveyed by the lyrics.

§ Paragraph 3: What is the significance behind the words and phrases used throughout the song? Using three lines from the song, explain how each is important to the song’s message.

§ Paragraph 4: Research when and where the song is performed. Also, identify expectations for proper behavior while the song is being performed.

§ Works Cited: You are to create a works cited (list of sources where you got your information. There is a specific format you need to follow for this information. DO NOT just list the websites you use!)

    Introductory Article
  • This link provides the introductory article you read in class about the Star Spangled Banner
    Lyrics & Music
  • This link provides music & lyrics for the Star Spangled Banner
  • This link provides scores for the Star Spangled Banner
  • This link contains an introduction and lyrics
    • requires ABC-CLIO login; ask your teacher for details
    John Stafford Smith (Composer)
  • This link provides a biography about Smith.
  • This link contains links to some of Smith's other compositions
    Francis Scott Key (Lyricist)
  • This link provides a brief biography of Key and a description of the writing of the anthem
  • This link provides biographical facts and additional details about the national anthem.
    Importance of Anthem & Flag
  • This link provides a perspective on the significance of the Star Spangled Banner 
    Expected Behavior (U.S. Code)
  • This link provides the expected code of conduct while the national anthem is being performed
    • scroll down to Section 301
  • This link provides a summary of some parts of the U.S. Code

    Current Event articles