Delivery Reports for Admins

Delivery Reports for Administrators

Applies to: Office 365 for professionals and small businesses, Office 365 for enterprises, Live@edu

Topic Last Modified: 2009-12-03

With delivery reports for administrators, you can track delivery information about messages sent by or received from any specific mailbox in your organization.

The content of the message body isn't returned in a delivery report, but the subject line is displayed in the results. If you want to search the mailboxes in your organization for specific e-mail messages, see Multi-Mailbox Searches.

Why delivery reports?

You may find delivery report searches useful in the following situations:

  • A teacher gives a failing grade to a student because the student didn't e-mail an assignment in on time. The student insists he sent a message with the assignment attached. The teacher asks you to verify the status of the message.
  • A security bulletin has been sent to users asking that they reply immediately, but no one has replied. Are they ignoring the message or did they just not receive it? 
  • Users complain that no one is receiving their messages. They check delivery status for their mail but can't figure out what is going on. This may be because a rule is being applied to messages at the organization level.

After you create a delivery report search, the resulting delivery report will show the following information: Who the message was sent from and to, the subject line, and when the message was sent. The delivery report also shows message delivery status and reasons why delivery may be delayed or failed.

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