Zombies, Monkeys,Servants and Citizens (first draft) - Keith Teare

The Evolution of Internet Users

  1. The Current Debate
  2. Context
  3. The evolution of Internet Users
    1. zombies
    2. monkeys
    3. servants
    4. citizens?
  4. Publisher Portals to Social Portals
  5. What is the end point?
  6. What needs to be done?
  7. Baby steps
    1. import my social graph into a place I control and allow it to become the master of my social graph - or the true "me".
    2. Allow me to decide what to share and with whom. Give me the means to grant access to all or parts of my data to people and applications
    3. Give me the means to pull my actions in any portal into my master graph.
    4. Allow me to be my own service provider for this (say on my blog or through my email client) OR to choose a commercial service provider.
    5. Allow me to use OpenID. This means, as a minimum, that all environments become OpenID relying parties not just issuing parties.