Sample Calendar

To embed one of your calendars from your school Apps account on your page, follow these steps:
  1. Make sure you are in editing mode on your page (if you see the Save or Cancel buttons, you are in editing mode, otherwise, click the Edit page button).
  2. Place your cursor at the point on the page you want to insert your document/presentation/spreadsheet/form.
  3. Click the Insert menu and select the Google Calendar type from the drop down menu.
  4. The Insert window will have a list of all the types of Google products. The Calendar type will already be selected from the Insert menu and a list of calendars associated with your school Apps account will appear on the right.
    • The calendars in the list will include any of the calendars you have created or have owner access ('My calendars') or other calendars that you have added to your calendar to view ('Other calendars')
  5. You can either click on the calendar you wish to insert, search for the calendar in the search box (and click Search) or paste in the web address of the Google Calendar.
  6. Click Select.
  7. To add another calendar to appear in the same gadget, click the Display another calendar link and select the second (or third, fourth) calendar from your calendar list.
  8. Choose the options you want for your Calendar and click Save.
  9. The gadget will appear as a blank 'box' on your page. To see the gadget content, click the Save button in the top right.

Please note: You'll need to make sure that the calendar is shared with the members of your site in order to avoid an Insufficient Privileges error.