Our history

The eight Ohio Educational Technology Agencies began in 1967 as 501(C)3 non-profit corporations to provide K-12 instructional television services to all Ohio schools as funded by the Ohio Department of Education. State funding authority for the Ohio Educational Technology Agencies was transferred to the Ohio SchoolNet Commission in 1997 by action of the Ohio General Assembly. The mission of the Ohio Educational Technology Agencies (also known by the terms EdTechs, educational technology centers, and educational television and instructional television)  has expanded over the years based on state legislation, the service demands of Ohio schools and the evolution of educational technology.

Ohio SchoolNet and Ohio Educational Telecommunications were transformed into a new agency in 2005 called eTech Ohio which served as the funding authority for Ohio's Ed Tech Agencies. eTech Ohio was dissolved in 2013 and funding authority transferred to the Ohio Department of Education.  

The Ohio Educational Technology Agencies provide services that optimize the use of classroom technologies to improve student and school staff performance.

The Ohio Educational Technology Agencies serve Ohio’s P-20 schools and assist educators in meeting and exceeding state performance standards as established by the State Board of Education, the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Board of Regents.  Ohio Ed Tech services are particularly targeted to help Ohio educators meet and exceed state academic and technology performance standards, state report card requirements, and state professional development goals.