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Leading By Example, 21st Century Skills For Administrators

Communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking...the 4Cs of 21st century learning.  How do these support effective teaching and learning?  Let's explore common elements of 21st century teaching and learning and discuss how to create school environments that foster highly engaging instruction and improved student learning.  

Facilitator:  Betsy Hood, Director, K-12 Education, WGTE Public Media

What are 21st century skills?  Let's first create a common definition...

How can you be an advocate for integrating 21st century skills within your district?  Think about how you can lead by example...

How can you use technology to foster 21st century skills...for both teachers and students?  Let's talk curriculum and integration...

What steps can you take to move toward 21st c skills integration in your district?  Don't think about "new" think about weaving the skills within current pedagogical practices and curriculum...

What kind of professional development is needed to support teachers?  Your action plan may require a significant shift in the learning environment...

21st Century SKills: How Do We Get There YouTube Video

Did you know?     

Ohio is the 14th state to join the Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21) and has committed to:

  • ensuring every educator participates in at least one significant professional development program focused on integrating 21st century skills into content;
  • updating state standards to reflect a combination of skills and content; and,
  • developing and introducing one significant assessment of 21st century skills.

Assess your district's readiness for integrating 21st century skills into your system by taking the Mile Guide survey developed by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.  This survey will aid you in plotting your course of action by helping you examine and reflect upon on your current efforts.