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Table 11

The Edusocial Network
Keith Pomeroy
Director of Technology-Olentangy Local Schools

The growth of mobile devices and social media are changing how the world functions, except for schools. This topic investigates how can you invest in allowing mobile devices to come to your network (the iPad is only one example) and provide the learning infrastructure to support it. This session will also explore what it means to involve students around their entire school life in a social and learning network. It also asks, how powerful is a social network if not all users can contribute in a meaningful way? Would Facebook be a big deal if only some of the users could control the content?

Questions for Consideration

  1. What do social networks have to do with learning?
  2. How should we make decisions about investing in technology?
  3. Can the tools we use combine with what brain research is telling us, and can we provide solutions in a cost effective manner?
  4. What does the growth in online learning mean for K-12?
  5. Where do we want children to learn about being responsible digital citizens?

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Oct 26, 2010, 7:35 PM