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21st Century Skills

Did you know that ITIP Ohio is the only statewide agency in Ohio to be a certified professional development affiliate of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills?  That's Correct!

The state of Ohio has joined the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and is the 14th state in the country to do so.  The Ohio Department of Education is endorsing the integration of 21st century skills by all schools across Ohio and ITIP Ohio is here to help!

Throughout this school year, we will be offering a variety of professional development activities to highlight the four C's of the 21st century skills: Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Critical Thinking Skills.

To help educators and administrators gain a solid understanding of 21st century skills, we encourage you to participate in our Technology Snapshots webinars and video streams.  

We also recommend the following links:

Review the Partnership for 21st Century Skills Framework, publications and research that supports the integration of 21st century skills within K-12.

21st Century Skills, How Do We Get There?  This YouTube video is a snapshot of  21st century learning skills and themes and the connection between the skills and successfully preparing youth for 21st century careers.

21st Century Skills in the New Brunswick Schools.  This YouTube video is a look at how this Canadian school is embracing the future and 21st century skills.