Each year the ITIP Ohio gSummit features Ohio's top technology using educators and administrators sharing their experience and ideas for integrating Google tools into classrooms and school districts. More than 100, forty-five minute sessions are offered during the conference, which means two days full of Google related keynotes, featured speakers, concurrent sessions and more!  

Session Formats
  • BYOD - presenter leads an in-depth, hands-on learning experience that has attendees using their own personal digital applications and devices
  • Interactive Lecture - presenter incorporates multiple engagement triggers during the session to have attendees participate in activities that allow them to work directly​ with the tech tools, apps and/or resources being presented
  • Lecture - presenter provides an informative demonstration of their use of the technology along with examples and recommendations to prepare attendees to use what has been shared
  • Panel - multiple brief presentations on a topic by up to four people (including a moderator) that incorporates opportunities for audience participation and questions
  • Integration Mashups - multi-presenter sessions spotlight examples of using Google tools within a specific setting or content area, with presenters sharing their favorite Google tips, activities & lessons, the result is a 'mashup' of ideas and a fun, fast-paced session that has attendees walking away with new ways for integrating Google-related tools in the classroom
Session Strands 
  • Case Studiespresentations that share how Google applications have impacted student learning ​- presenters reflect upon successes and ​challenges of implementing a program or initiative
  • Classroom Integration presentations that spotlight a lesson, classroom practice or instructional model that integrates Google applications
  • Productivity - presentations that offer examples of how Google applications can help to manage workflow, increase efficiency and/or streamline a process or task
  • Technical - presentations that are geared toward technology support staff - can focus on hardware, infrastructure, device or app management, integration, best practices or other innovations that relate to supporting school districts in using Google tools and services

Session Schedule 
The first tab in this gSheet is the at-a-glance session grid organized by date while the second tab is a listing of sessions and descriptions organized by date and time.

Session Descriptions - sorted by Lead Presenter last name

Below is the list of sessions offered during the 2 day Summit.  We are working on the final schedule so please check back for updates, session dates,