Our Mission: SunCoast School is committed to meeting both the academic requirements and emotional needs of preschool, primary and middle school students. The teachers create a friendly and safe environment for all students. Our school community is unique as it is designed to build relationships between students, family, and teachers that last a life time.

We seek to educate the whole child, offering traditional courses in mathematics, reading, science and social studies. We also strive to stimulate the creative side with an extensive art program, foreign language elective and a selection of club options. Our class size is small (teacher to student ratio of 1:15) and our teaching style is sensitive to different learning styles and developmental stages of all students.

We recognize our responsibility to prepare students for high school. Students are encouraged to take responsibility and be prepared for class, to log daily assignments in their planner, and to be their own advocate and seek assistance from teachers. We help students identify their strengths which builds confidence and success in the classroom. We set high expectations for our students both inside and outside of school and maintain the goal for all students that they reach their full potential.