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This Month's FEATURED SUBJECT /GRADE LEVEL - READING in Grades K through 2

Ms. Suzie Gard- Reading and Math. Ms. Gard has quickly become a part of the SunCoast family and her students are making fantastic progress. They are doing many activities all of which build their sounding out and new reading skills,  many times students can be found reading individually as we build a love for books. They use a hands on approach, some Singapore Math as well as a regular textbook series for Math skills. 

 Miss Laurie

Miss Sheila

 Kindergarten /Grades 1 /2

Ms. Suzie Gard

Mr. William Simmons

Kindergarten /Grades 1 /2

Ms. Suzie Gard- Reading and Math.

Mr. William Simmons- Science and Social Studies

 Grades 3 /4

Mrs. Hilda Petitbois: Language Arts and Reading

Ms. Paula Hines- Hunter - Math, Science and Social Studies

 Mrs. Lynda McIntosh


LANGUAGE ARTS- Ms. Paula Hunter


MATH -Mrs. Lynn Sonier 

SCIENCE- Mr. William Simmons

SOCIAL STUDIES - Mrs. Laura Scoville

SPANISH- Ms. Candee 


SunCoast uses a hands on approach to Math with an emphasis on individual skill acquisition.  Students in lower grades up through the PreAlgebra level, work in small groups and individually in a prescriptive program that addresses individual strengths and weaknesses. 

Beginning in PreAlgebra and Algebra students join a classroom setting that prepares them for a high school environment.  Students at these levels can acquire credit for high school Algebra 1 as well as Geometry, by completing the course requirements.

 SOCIAL STUDIES Grades 5-8   Mrs. Laura Scoville - American History/ World History /World Geography and American Topics

Social Studies classes in grades 5 - 8 provide students with knowledge about history and places in the world as well as their civic responsibilities as members of a community. Many hands on projects allow students to experience history and places in the world to aid understanding of concepts read about in texts. Current Events provide a backdrop for a study of places and people in the world. 

 Grades 5-8 LANGUAGE ARTS  Ms.Paula Hunter Language Arts classes for upper grade students focus on spelling, vocabulary, grammar and writing skills.  Students are placed by ability in classes that practice and improve their skills. Weekly writing assignments such as a paragraph as well as spelling practice and quizzes are included. Each year the language arts teachers and the social studies teacher team up to teach students the basics of constructing a research paper.

 Science Grades 1- 8 and Grade 1/2 Social Studies   Mr. William Simmons

Mr. Simmons prefers a hands on approach to Science and Social Studies particularly in the lower elementary grades.  The students enjoy doing many projects related to themes in history and places in the world.  They also learn about citizenship and the local community.  Mr. Simmons often likes to combine the Social Studies and Sciences in his themes allowing for students in the early grades  to develop a broad understanding of the world around them.
In the upper grades (5-8) the Science classes once again stress hands on experiences coupled with a strong emphasis on Science vocabulary and scientific method.  The students find that upon entrance to high school their strong basic skills serve them well as they continue in various science classes.



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