SunCoast School

SunCoast School was founded in 1984, to be affordable to all who wish to attend. SunCoast is a small independent school serving students from age3 through the 8th grade. SunCoast offers an affordable, high quality educational experience with an emphasis on a sense of belonging and academic achievement. Students at SunCoast are able to excel beyond grade level barriers without pull- out "special" programs.

Excellence is encouraged. In addition, students who need additional time to acquire certain skills are well served at SunCoast, since all students are placed by ability, in multi-age groupings. These students are given the opportunity to learn in their own time without worries which often makes learning a chore, and obstacles feel insurmountable.

SunCoast provides a close learning community where each student is valued and families can feel connected. Children have the benefit of small classes of no greater than 15 students. At SunCoast, all children grow into students who have a close connection to their school, their teachers and classmates. SunCoast students from preschoolers through Middle school students are interested in doing well academically and all play an integral part in the life of our school.

Middle School and elementary grades here allow students to build strong, lifelong friendships without the pressures of overcrowding and unwanted stress. Students, while they welcome the challenges of high school, are truly saddened about graduating and leaving behind important relationships.

SunCoast is a unique, small, and vital school. We welcome all like-minded families to join our thriving community.