DAC's Teacher Spotlight

We love all of our teachers at Dorsey, and we want to give them the honor and recognition that is deserved. Each of them work hard every day to provide the best education to each of our students. Every couple of weeks, a different teacher, coach, or administrator will be in the spotlight!

Mrs. Comer took a few minutes to sit down with Caroline to answer a few questions about life, school, and a zombie apocalypse. This is all just for fun and we appreciate the time spent helping our students learn, create, and enjoy time spent at school.

Our new Technology Club also known as Dorsey Digits is sponsoring and hosting the Teacher Spotlight. Different students in the club will interview the teachers as well as use video to highlight other activities in our school.

A little about Mrs. Comer....

Name: Emily Diane Comer

Teaches grades 7th-8th English

Hometown: Hatley, Mississippi

Degrees: BS in English Education, National Board Certification

Why did you chose teaching as your profession? "I love literature and the way you can express yourself with words and love working with young people."

Tell us about your family: "I have been married for 17 years and have two kids, Nate and Lily. Besides teaching, we also have a family restaurant and comic & toy store."

Hobbies: "Singing, traveling, entertaining, and crocheting"

What are three things every teacher should own?

1. a good pen

2. a bottle of Tylenol

3. an infinite supply of Clorox wipes

What is the greatest misconception about teachers? "That being stern to a student means we don't care about him/her. Teachers are tough on students because we love them and want them to reach their potential.

What stereotype about teachers is true? "Yes, we are silently (or not so silently) correcting your grammar.