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What is the House System at Dorsey?

Our staff has made big plans for the upcoming semester to improve motivation as well as focus on our students in a fresh, new way. In the past few years, Dorsey has become unique within the county, and we want to continue to tread that path by introducing our new program called Dorsey Houses. Dorsey Houses is part of our PBIS program where we reward students for their hard work!

We have developed a housing system within our school that will itemize our staff and students into four different groups, better known as houses. Each house consists of a house leader, staff house members, and student house members. Each house will develop its own uniqueness and expectations.

Houses earn points based on attendance (students and teachers), grades at each progress report and report card, and number of discipline referrals. These will be determined by percentage and recorded each Friday.

Every student has spun the wheel to see what house they will now belong to at Dorsey. The intention of Dorsey Houses is to build student motivation and create better student-teacher connections within our school. We are very excited about our new program and hope that you will be too!

Is every child placed into a House?

Yes! Through our specially designed wheel of fate, every student spins and lands on the house color they will be in throughout their time at DAC.

Every teacher and staff has also been included in a house as well. This will help to build the relationship between teachers, staff, and students as well.

What are the 4 houses and what do they mean?

Altruismo traces its origins to the rainforests of the Amazon, where a group of powerful Brazilians were given the name because of the Portuguese meaning behind it: “the Givers.”

This special group is known for striking a balance between bold strength and altruistic giving — a team that knows that real power comes not from looking out for yourself but from empowering others. They care deeply about lifting others up, but they also maintain a fiercely competitive spirit and pride.

Amistad is the House that originates from Spain. A group of individuals that are quiet but powerful, they are known most for their kindness of heart. This is why, in the language of their ancestry, their name means “friendship.”

Incoming members are often a mix of extremes — our students can be extremely intelligent, creative, friendly, and competitive; Amistad is a very diverse group! The House takes great inspiration from its symbolic animal, the peacock, and the leaders always remind the members of this saying: “Once the peacock finds its feathers, it discovers who it really is.” The encouragement is for each student to find his or her own feathers and discover their brilliance. While students may enter timidly, they learn to become brave as they find their true selves.

Isibindi is a tight-knit group of individuals, like a pride of African lions, where family means everything. The House’s symbolic animals, the mute swan and the lion, serve to empower incoming members. While new students might be quiet or shy at first, the longer that they are in the House, the more they begin to display the characteristics of strength and bravery. In Zulu, Isibindi means “courage.”

The dichotomy of sharing symbolic animals between the gentle and beautiful swan and the proud and courageous lion is what makes Isibindi so unique. It is a House that inherits the legend and influence of both Shaka Zulu as well as Nelson Mandela. It is a House that knows when to be strategic and creative, or when to pull back and be reserved, but also when to go full force with power and strength. This is why Isibindi welcomes creative and quiet kids and turns them into leaders over time. They learn that, like the mute swan, their quiet creativity can be harnessed to speak volumes in its own way.

Rêveur is a royal House whose name in French means “dreamers” or “idealists” — because the members who fill this group are students filled with freedom and wild abandon who recognize their dreams and will let nothing stand in the way of achieving them. This can be seen in the unicorn, which is on the center of the House’s crest, a powerful creature who is almost impossible to tame. Similarly, the House of Rêveur is a House of passion. /

How does each house earn points?

Houses are points through a variety of activities throughout the school year; however, the primary way to earn points weekly is by grades (progress reports & report cards), discipline (no office referrals earns student points) and attendance (for both teachers and students).

Houses will earn points weekly in those three ways. There is also an addition of weekly bonus points where a house student is chosen to spin the wheel to earn extra points.

What house does my student belong to and who leads the house?

Your child should know what house they belong to -- so far -- many students are only referring to the houses teams as red, blue, green, or black. They will come to understand more about the houses as the semester progresses. However, you can email your house leader to know for sure.

Altruismo - Black - Leader: Erin Tucker

Amistad - Red - Leader: Grant Martin

Isibindi - Green - Leader: Chelsey South/Kara Ratliff

Reveur - Blue - Leader: BJ Cox

Why is the house system important at Dorsey?

At Dorsey, we continually strive to be innovative and find the best, most engaging ways to connect with our students and that is why we implemented the House System here. The Houses represent more relationship and connection with our students. Research shows that building a better relationship with our students will create a positive and more effective form of teaching which also leads to more learning and understanding by the students. Therefore, our goal as teachers and leaders of the school is to love, build, and model the foundations of a family to increase student motivation and connection all the while providing a better education for each and every student on our campus.

where can parents find more information about the house system?

There are many school all over the state and country that have implemented housing systems. The one that has set the standard is Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, GA. Mr. Clark has graciously allowed any school to take the pledge and use all of his material at no charge. By doing this, it has saved us quite a bit of work as well as utilized an evidence-based program within our school.

Please visit www.rcahousesystem.com for more information about the RCA House System.