Book Wars is a challenging book competition where students from grades 3rd-8th compete in teams to win $100.00. Each team is grouped into 3 members and listed under Division 1 (3rd-5th) or Division 2 (6th-8th)

The portfolio and game-day competition has changed quite a bit this year because it is ALL going Digital! I am super excited about this change; I truly think it will be an improvement to the program.

Below are the parent letter, digital portfolio guide, and book titles by grade.

Please contact Mrs. Noell at 662-862-3663 with any questions.

Book WARS Letter to Parents

Letter to Parents

Digital Portfolio Requirements Guide

Digital Portfolio Reqs

Book Wars Titles 2019-2020.docx

Book War Titles

Guide to creating a portfolio using Book Creator.

Using Book Creator for DP

We will be using Book Creator this year to create the digital portfolios. Attached is a guide to walk you through the steps to start creating your portfolio.

Our competition is going digital as well. We will be using Kahoot! to answer and gain points for correct answer and fastest time. Click the button above to learn more about Kahoot!

Book Wars Parent Permission.docx

Parents must give information in order for student's to participate.