Home of the 2012 Grlbotics Club (Englisch)

Grlbotics is a collaboration between the International School Winterthur (ISW) and the Zurich Google Office. Grlbotics is a girls only programming club for girls 12-16. The short-term goal of Grlbotics  is to generate interest and awareness for girls in the greater Zurich area in information technology, and the long-term goal is to encourage girls to pursue computer science studies degrees in university and ultimately pursue careers in information technology.


ISW is responsible for sharing it’s expertise with all the participating Grlbotics schools and developing a challenging curriculum for all of the Girlbotics members. ISW has invited local Winterthur schools to participate in the program, and club participation is limited to 5 to 8 girls per school. Each week, Grlbotics schools will work on coding tasks to build their knowledge and skills. The club is focused on teaching coding skills to the girls from topics ranging from creating fighting sumo robots to smart clothing.


Participating Grlbotics schools will kick off the program with a visit to the Google offices in January where the students and staff will meet with Google engineers. Every club will have a Google engineer or 'Googler' assigned to help them complete their weekly tasks. All these weekly tasks will lead up to a final culminating event.


In April, all of the Grlbotics participants will compete in an all school sumobot competition. The schools will be matched in a round robin format with each school attempting to push the opposing robot out of the Sumo circle to be declared the Grlbotics champion. The winning school will then challenge a group of Google engineers for the overall championship.


After the final event, the girls of Grlbotics will head back to the Google campus for a quick debrief of the event and discuss with the Googlers ways to improve upon their performance for next year.

For more information about Grlbotics, contact us by email: grlbotics@gmail.com