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Leif Tapanila, PhD
Chair & Associate Professor, Department of Geosciences, Idaho State University
Research Curator and Head of Earth Science Division, Idaho Museum of Natural History

Curriculum Vitae

The Alamo Impact in southern Nevada

Media: Jan 2015. LV Review Journal , Science Daily

The latest news on Helicoprion sharks

Discovery Daily Planet (Shark week 2014) http://youtu.be/g_Tyg6omyLU
Helicoprion jaw function ...  Ramsay et al. 2014
Media: Sept 2014.
Tapanila & Pruitt 2013
Biology Letters article describing Helicoprion's jaw!  Tapanila et al., 2013

The Helicoprion movie! (trailer)

Media: Feb 2013. National Geographic  BBC   Discovery  LA Times  Daily Mail Scientific American  ISU 
March 2013. Huffington Post Live (minute 12:00)   Quirks & Quarks CBC Radio   NBC - KPVI 6  ATSE
NBC - KPVI 6Photos: Left: A century of ideas lead to our new Helicoprion make-over (bottom). Art by Ray Troll.