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Leif Tapanila, PhD
Chair & Associate Professor, Department of Geosciences, Idaho State University
Research Curator and Head of Earth Science Division, Idaho Museum of Natural History

Curriculum Vitae

Biology Letters article describing Helicoprion's jaw!
Tapanila et al., 2013

The Helicoprion movie! (trailer)

Media: Feb 2013. National Geographic  BBC   Discovery  LA Times  Daily Mail Scientific American  ISU 
March 2013. Huffington Post Live (minute 12:00)   Quirks & Quarks CBC Radio   NBC - KPVI 6  ATSE
NBC - KPVI 6Photos: Left: A century of ideas lead to our new Helicoprion make-over (bottom). Art by Ray Troll.
Right: Team Helico with the specimen; Jason Ramsay, Cheryl Wilga, Alan Pradel, Robert Schlader, Jesse Pruitt, & Leif Tapanila. Photo taken by Team Helico mastermind, Ray Troll.

IMNH's 30th Helicoprion found at Monsanto Mine!
Media: Sept 2012
Media: Feb 2012

Photos. The new T-Shirt (left); Leif Tapanila, Helicoprion (right, ISJ photo).

Review article on trace fossils in reefs
Tapanila & Hutchings, 2012 (contact me for PDF)

PLoS ONE article on insect borings in Triassic trees

Read the paper, Tapanila & Roberts 2012
Media: ISU
Media: Salt Lake Tribune
Photos. Xylokrypta durossi, Triassic insect boring in wood (left); Leif Tapanila, Chris DuRoss, and Eric Roberts (right).
Triassic beetle borings from Utah